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Stuck GX Dub cranks
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Posted: Jan 12, 2019 at 11:34 Quote
These cranks can be challenging to remove, even if they are properly lubricated and not over-torqued during installation. Mine wouldn't budge with the 8 mm Allen wrench, so I tried a single leverage bar, but had no luck. Part of the problem was not being able to keep the cranks from turning, so I needed two leverage bars, and longer. You could also probably using a vice to hold the cranks in place but this would likely be a 2 man operation and would be more likely to damage the crank arm.

So next I tried a 3' pipe over the Allen wrench, and another on the crankarm to isolate it. It's hard to find a pipe that fits around the Dub cranks, I ovalized the end of the pipe with a hammer until it fit over it nicely and covered the crank arm to protect it from damage. I felt confident this would remove the cranks but it didn't. Instead the leverage pipes flexed several inches each and I felt there was the potential of damaging my carbon frame from the extreme amount of torque. I decided to call sram the next day.

A sram representative said he had heard of this problem before and recommended a high impact wrench to remove it, which seemed like good advice to minimize the possibility of damaging my frame. Just before I was getting ready to take my bicycle to the auto repair shop to remove the cranks, I decided to give it another shot with the leverage bars. The bolt popped loose loud and hard on the first attempt, with slightly less torque than I had applied the night before! Perhaps the pressure on the self removing bolt loosened it a little overnight? A bit of a mystery to me but I'm relieved they are off. Afterwards I headed to the hospital to have my wrist examined.

Posted: Jun 18, 2019 at 11:47 Quote
Had the same exact problem. Not sure how it even happens.

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