DMR Bolt Long frame - Manitou Circus Expert 130mm or Mattoc Pro 160mm?

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DMR Bolt Long frame - Manitou Circus Expert 130mm or Mattoc Pro 160mm?
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Posted: Jun 11, 2019 at 16:24 Quote
As the title says really, I have my first sus frame on the way (DMR Bolt Long) and I'm not sure which Manitou fork to get.

Will the Mattoc Pro hold up to jump use/general flying off things? Also, would 130mm or 160mm be best for this frame? I already have the Circus Expert 100mm on my hardtail and I love the feel, so I'm aiming towards the 130mm Circus.

I'll be using the bike for long rides too, I'm guessing the Mattoc can be 'nearly locked out' the same as the Circus can?

Any opinions/experience would be appreciated, cheers!

Posted: Jun 15, 2019 at 5:42 Quote
I'd never heard of these frames. Pretty cool. It really depend on what you want to do with the bike but it appears they are designed around a 150mm fork. For what I ride 160mm is too much squish. I prefer a more flickable, jibby feel so 130 is my vote.

Posted: Aug 7, 2019 at 21:55 Quote
I have had my Bolt Long for a couple of weeks now. Also my first full squish coming across from a hardcore hardtail (NS Surge EVO).

I picked it up as a second hand build, rode it to see how it felt. Once I had an idea I proceeded to swap out the stuff I wanted from the Surge and what I didn't want from the Bolt. It came with a 150mm Revelation fork which I swapped out to a 160mm Vengeance Coil. Purely for my own benefit (Stanchions being 36mm v 32mm plus coil goodness) as it rode REALLY well at 150. But, I would not want to go much lower than that if it were me.

The Mattoc would be a brilliant match. Either the 120 (adjust 120-140) with all the compression goodness for the odd fireroad slog or go bigger. Really depends on what 90% of your riding is. Either way, it is a smile machine. Most fun I have had on two wheels.

Which shock is coming with your frame?

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