DVO vs Cane creek

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DVO vs Cane creek
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Posted: Jun 16, 2019 at 15:39 Quote
Looking to get a GG smash and with my current experience of a Topaz shock on my ‘15 stumpy I wasn’t considering anyone else for fork or shock on the Smash.

Today I demo’d a smash on the cane creek tour with a 160 helm and a DB Air CS. I unfortunately didn’t get to mess with the compression or rebound adjustments because the demo was short, but “out of the box” the bike felt solid. I’ve never messed with High/Low speed compression or rebound before so that’ll be a first.

Any options from those of you that have ride either DVO shock/fork and compared it to cane creek, or vice versa?

Posted: Jun 17, 2019 at 10:32 Quote
I have ridden both a DVO Diamond and currently running a CC Helm Coil.

The DVO is a fork developed around a number of racers and is designed to be ridden hard. It is sensitive at the initial travel (courtesy of the OTT system) and really supportive into the berms. Not a plush fork though however if your trail is not janky North Shore and you like to go at race pace then this is the fork for you.

The CC Helm Coil is, well, a coil fork which is a like apple and orange in comparison. It is an awesome fork though and my favourite so far.

The CC DBACS is a very capable shock and is the design which the FOX Float X2 is based on. You won't go wrong with one of those.

Posted: Jun 17, 2019 at 19:40 Quote
I switched from cane creek (db air cs) to a diamond and topaz on a megatrail. My main gripes with any cane creek stuff is the almost complete lack of serviceability at home... You can do basic stuff on the helm like lowers but that's about it. No service guide anywhere to be found for the damper side.
The db air CS is a great shock when freshly and fully rebuilt but in my experience that fresh feeling doesn't last very long and then you have to send it in. There is no service manual nor tools available to work on it, can't even do an air can service on the thing without sending it in.. The four separate compression and rebound adjustments do work well but you have to be patient and methodical or you'll keep going in circles to get it set up perfectly.

All the dvo stuff can be worked on at home with simple hardware store tools, if that's important to you.

What raetekr said is true about the diamond in my experience, it's super supportive in g-outs and hard stuff and I'm enjoying that aspect quite a bit without being a racer. Very smooth on the chatter as well with the ott.

Only have half a dozen rides on the topaz but I'm liking it so far.

Posted: Jun 18, 2019 at 17:40 Quote
I love my dB air cs! I am worried about the serviceability of it but I kept my other shock just Incase (I don’t plan on servicing my own suspension anyways lol) but when it comes to setting it up I downloaded the cane creek dialed ap it took two rides and I’m in love! It’s a perfect mix of coil and air if that makes sense! The app will ask you a series of questions on each setting making it hard to mess up. It will also save as many settings as you you’ll like for different places or if you want to go back and try the old setting again! It’s doesnt work for the helm though so I’m trying to decide if I want helm or durolux rc2 also suntour has a deal buy a durolux get there tri air shock free! There tri air is somewhat like the topaz I hear never tried one yet though

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