New Nomad V4 Build Issues

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New Nomad V4 Build Issues
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Posted: Jun 19, 2019 at 14:59 Quote
I finally decided to get rid of my Downhill bike and swap my N3 Nomad for a N4. In going from two bikes to one I wanted to add a few luxuries i didn't have on either of the previous bikes.

The bike is a 2019 Nomad C, S build.
I swapped the stock wheels for an aftermarket set of santa cruz reserve 30 wheels with I9 Hubs. I didn't upgrade to the reserves when ordering the bike because they didn't offer I9 hubs for the S build so I ordered these separately.

I rode a DH bike a couple years back with Hope brakes and always wanted a set ever since then so i went with Hope Tech 3 levers, Hope v4 calipers, and hope 203 mm floating rotors.

Here are my issues:

A) the heat sink, or center part of the rear rotor rubs the rear brake post.

B) when the bike is leaned over while riding, some part of the front rotor rubs something up there. (Hard to pinpoint because it only does it while your physically riding it.)

I'm no mechanic and my LBS is seemingly working really hard to solve the problem but I'm ready to ride my one and only new bike. Has anyone else had this issue or is anyone aware of a solution? any assistance or guidance is appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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