Frankenbike (Department store bike build)

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Frankenbike (Department store bike build)
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Posted: Jul 6, 2019 at 15:34 Quote

So i'm very new to mountain biking, I've gone out a couple times and totally fell in love with it. So I wanted to get into it and quick. I started looking at bikes at REI and beaver sports (local shop) and quickly realized that this sport is mad expensive. So I committed to building my own bike, not to save money, but to spend the money and get more out of the bike, also that way I know what I'm getting and I can customize to my liking and learn what I need to do if something breaks down. needless to say I come to you fine folks with a slew of questions on this crazy journey of mine. I am WIDE open for suggestions and look forward to hearing what you seasoned vets think.

The bike: K2 sidewinder 6000 ds full suspension medium sized bike.

Whats been done so far:
Frame has been sandblasted and pained (professionally) a flat black with the swing arm a flat blue. Its very pretty.
The bike has been stripped down. EVERY part has been removed and most if not 99.9% of the parts are going to be replaced. tires are in good shape so I might save or sell.

Question #1:
So i bought the front and rear suspension for the bike. Front is a Rockshox Recon RL 29" and Rear is a rock shox re:Activ from a trek Slash i guess. when I got the parts, I realized that acted to fast and got the wrong part. The bike has 26"s on it now (or did at least) and I don't know if going to a 29 in the front and maybe upgrading to a 27.5 in the rear is all that smart, what are the implications of doing so?

Questions #2:
it was a 3x8 and I would love to go to a 1x8 for the drivetrain. what are your thoughts? And what would you recommend for shifters and hydro brakes?

Posted: Jul 11, 2019 at 23:23 Quote
You will be money ahead to just buy a decent used bike. By the time you buy good components, you'll be so far over budget of a decent used bike. Build a 2nd or 3rd bike and just get on the trail.

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