Neckbrace for Adult Park Rider: Yes or No?

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Neckbrace for Adult Park Rider: Yes or No?
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Posted: Jul 15, 2019 at 17:23 Quote
Hey guys,

I had a pretty scary crash today that involved some high-speed tumbling and my helmet visor breaking off. It scared me a little and made me consider getting a neck brace.

I mentioned to a few other riders that I was planning to get one, and they told me they advised against them because of how much they restrict range of motion. I’ve never ridden with one, so I don’t know about this. They also mentioned that neck braces are typically better for younger kids because their necks aren’t as strong / developed yet.

I ride pretty much only park / DH, and I occasionally hit some pretty big stuff, like 12-foot drops and 20-foot gaps. I’m 6’4”, about 220 pounds and in my mid-twenties.

Currently, my riding outfit consists of the following:
-Full face helmet
-Softshell torso protector
-Knee pads
-Denim skinny jeans

Anyone have experience with neck braces restricting range of motion? Are they a good idea for hitting really big lines? Worth $300-$400?


Posted: Jul 15, 2019 at 17:48 Quote
I use a leatt at the park and on my dual sport moto, it takes a few runs to get used to. but then its gone! good insurance imo, not fool proof, but worth it imo. healthcare costs in usa!!!! whoa!

Posted: Jul 15, 2019 at 18:35 Quote
Leatt for moto and my quads, I will have to try it on my MTB. At first it's a little hard to get used to, but after a day in the dunes I was fine with it.

Posted: Jul 15, 2019 at 20:29 Quote
If you can get it to work for you, its a no brainer, yes you should get one. The money is not the issue here. Being an adult does not make you less susceptible to a neck injury than a child, probably makes you more so given much less ligamentous laxity.

I tried a leatt and an atlas 2 years ago. They kept rubbing and bumping my helmet particularly in the back. Got 1 run with each and sent them back.

The atlas strap is very crappy which is odd since the brace is pretty nice construction. I dont see one of these braces working without being strapped in place. Then again, I see people wearing them unstrapped which I cant understand.

I am going to try it again myself now that I am using different body armor and see if I can get it work. And I do not even hit big jumps.

My advice, buy one and see if it works for you. Saw some article that said 80% of spine injuries in mtb were cervical.

Posted: Jul 16, 2019 at 19:48 Quote
Thanks guys. I borrowed one from a friend today and wore it for a few hours. I think it might've been too small because it felt extremely snug. It was pretty annoying but I do think it gave me a little more confidence on bigger features. I'm leaning towards getting one. I'll try one that fits properly tomorrow at my local shop.

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