Ripmo vs. Jeffsy?

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Ripmo vs. Jeffsy?
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Posted: Jul 31, 2019 at 8:35 Quote
Any Ripmo owners have experience on the YT Jeffsy? I am currently on a 2018 Jeffsy and very interested in the Ripmo.
Mostly curious how it compares in climbing ability, geo is fairly similar to the 2019 Jeffsy also. I am going to demo a Ripmo in the next couple weeks but would like to hear any input if it’s out there.


Posted: Sep 19, 2019 at 15:41 Quote
Did you get some feedback?

Posted: Sep 19, 2019 at 16:19 Quote
davidholliday wrote:
Did you get some feedback?

Nope, haven’t found any comparisons or rider experience. Hopefully will get a Ripmo out for a demo soon but now the Ripmo AF has made this decision a little harder.

Posted: Sep 22, 2019 at 20:17 Quote
Got out on a demo today on a GX build of the Ripmo. Currently ride a YT Jeffsy AL in XL and demo’d a Ripmo in XL. I am 6 foot 2, 170lb.

I did weigh the bikes and the Ripmo came in at 29.2lb and Jeffsy at 32.

Took it on a fairly mild 10 mile loop that I ride a few times a week to get a good comparison to my 2018 Jeffsy.

One thing to note is the gearing on the Ripmo was a 50t cog in the rear w/ 32t chainring, which is lower gearing than my Jeffsy that runs Shimano 51t cog and I run a 30t up front as trails here are very steep, and long long climbs.

Anyways, the Ripmo climbs fantastic. I would say it’s clearly a more efficient climber than my Jeffsy. With the shock open, there was little to no bob or loss of power while climbing. Even when I would smash on the pedals to get up a short punchy climb, the bike accelerated at an alarmingly high rate and felt very stable. Jeffsy is a great climber but I typically opt for the climb switch as it will take more input from the pedals on hard pedaling but overall a great climber also.
The Ripmo also seemed to hold traction in lose steep climbs better, seated climbing position felt much more comfortable and seemed to distribute weight more appropriately whereas on my Jeffsy I usually have to intentionally shift my weight forward on the same climbs.

Wheelbase on the Ripmo is a couple inches longer than my Jeffsy, honestly never noticed it except for when I loaded up the bike rack and had to move the wheel latch. Bike did not feel large or long in any way.
Top tube is about an inch shorter than the Jeffsy, and honestly felt more appropriate. I catch myself on the Jeffsy lazily leaning on the bars as the reach seems a bit much on long climbs but the Ripmo has a better seated geo in my opinion.
Once you point the front end down, you realize what this bike is really made for. There’s only 20mm more travel on the front of this bike over the Jeffsy but it feels like much more. I found myself picking more difficult lines and the bike never blinked. I wouldn’t give the Ripmo a huge edge descending over the Jeffsy, it clearly has more “plowability” with the extra front travel and was a little more stable at high speeds but honestly felt very similar.

Overall the Ripmo is a rad bike, does everything well and is just gorgeously built. It was not head and shoulder better in any department but the linkage design does seem better and if you can get 20mm more front end travel with similar climbing ability, why wouldn’t you?

I missed my PR on a continuous 35 minute climb by only 15 seconds on the Ripmo. I was struggling pretty hard on some over the very steep and extended sections. Had the bike been geared the same as the Jeffsy I believe I would have beat my PR for the climb fairly substantially.
I didn’t go all out on the descent as I was worried about not being 100% comfortable on the bike. That being said I still beat a PR through a 40 second, shelfy rock garden and missed the overall PR on the 4 minute descent by 5 seconds, so not bad for the first ride.

Now I need to decide wether to pick up a Ripmo or Ripmo AF.

Posted: Sep 22, 2019 at 20:20 Quote
I have the same Jeffsy and i upgraded the rear shock to a dpx2 and i never lock it out anymore. Doesnt bob at all.

Posted: Sep 22, 2019 at 20:36 Quote
asmtb wrote:
I have the same Jeffsy and i upgraded the rear shock to a dpx2 and i never lock it out anymore. Doesnt bob at all.

Yeah I’ve had the Dps elite, X2 and currently have a Topaz, they are great. The bob is minimal but the pedal platform just feels slightly more stable on the Ripmo.

Edit: Actually after taking my Jeffsy out last night I will revise that DWlink on the Ripmo is significantly more stable of a climbing platform wide open compared to the Horst on the Jeffsy.

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