Help with my confusion on geometry; Santa Cruz 5010 and Bronson

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Help with my confusion on geometry; Santa Cruz 5010 and Bronson
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Posted: Aug 21, 2019 at 8:49 Quote
I promise I've read lots of threads on 5010 vs Bronson, watched videos, etc. But when I compare geometry from the Santa Cruz website I get confused.

I'm trying to decide whether to buy a used 5010 v2 or a used Bronson v2. If budget wasn't issue, I'd buy a 5010 v3 and be done. Maybe larger travel fork at some point. But I can currently get a good deal on a Bronson v2, cc, xo etc, and its got me spinning.

I like snappy feel and 5010 fine for 90% of my intended use. Would maybe hit a bike park 2 times year.

1) On paper, the frames of 5010 look similar to Bronson v2. I don't know much.... is there something that jumps out beyond travel differences?

2). Is there something to close the gap on the Bronson side to get that snappyness?

Why do I keep hearing the Bronson is boring? "Does it all but nothing great". etc.

Sorry if this is just too hard for words. It's easy to test ride new bikes, but harder to compare older versions with back to back ride.


Posted: Aug 25, 2019 at 6:24 Quote
I had a v2 5010. S build. It was great. I even put Enve wheels on it. Never rode the Bronson. Read every article about both though. 5010 climbed as advertised. Bronson was never bad, just others were better. Now I'm on a Ripmo and it does everything better than my 5010. Up. Down. Sideways. I don't miss my 5010 one bit. I would jump to the current geometries and current bikes.

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