2020 Stumpjumper ST 29 or 27.5

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2020 Stumpjumper ST 29 or 27.5
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Posted: Aug 23, 2019 at 7:27 Quote
I am in the market for my first real mountain bike. I decided on the 2020 Stumpjumper ST. I am completely torn between getting a 29er or a 27.5 though. I am 5ā€™8ā€ and ride a medium frame. Which size wheel would be a better fit for me? I want a bike I can have fun on the trails with and whip around and catch air. Iā€™m really leaning toward a 27.5 but I worry from all the things I read that ride quality will suffer greatly compared to the 29. I also think that 29 may be too big for me since I am not all that tall so the bike would handle sluggishly and not ride how I want it too. But then at the same time I read so much stuff about how 29ers are the future and 27.5 are going out of style. Any input would be appreciated!

Posted: Aug 23, 2019 at 9:26 Quote
i got back into biking after being away 10 years and and got two used 29s right away (scott spark and spesh enduro). The biggest thing i noticed with a 29er was how i could just plow through things. The 29s were definitely harder to spin up and kicked my but on climbs but you start to develop a better more powerful "kick" as a result of it. So you climb and conserve then push to spin up to clear something. Another mistake i made going to 29 was not factoring in the tire size on gearing. Considering they are the same drive train 1st gear on a 27.5 is going to feel like a full gear or two lower then on a 29. After all that, i would trade my 29 enduro for a 27.5 stumpy in a heartbeat.

Posted: Sep 1, 2019 at 16:43 Quote
I just got on a Specialized Enduro 29er a few days ago. I am 5'7", on a M frame too. The 29s are fast, and yes, they roll over stuff pretty well. But most of my local riding is rather flat, and rooty, with lots of short climbs and short descents, so the majority of my riding is quite slow. The climbs, and slow tech sections, and slow turns are killing me. The bike feel huge and cumbersome, and is not quite as nimble as I'd hoped. I have to put a lot of effort into navigating these sections, and throwing the bike into turns. Yesterday I rode one of my favorite trails and I must have shoulder checked at least 5 trees, and had a hard time staying on the trails on a few very familiar turns. It's these little things about the bike that make it feel almost unresponsive compared to my old 27.5 bike. I'll keep riding the 29s for the rest of this season, but honestly I am already looking around for a 27.5 wheel set. Maybe I just need to get used to them.

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