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Klein Pulse Comp Restomod story
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Posted: Sep 25, 2019 at 21:37 Quote
So I saw a thread story by a guy on a GT Zaskar restomod that he did, and I said to myself: hey why not tell my restomod story? So here it is. (And no, I will not give a DAMN about any negative opinions.)

So here’s how the story began:
In the very tail end of December 2018 I bought a used Cannondale F400 headshok off EBay after seeing a video on a build up of one. It had very much been through the gutter and showed signs of a hard riding life. But it was complete and very cheap so I jumped on it and won it. But soon as I would find it had clearly been smashed a lot harder than I had though, as the legs of the headshok were bent and tweaked so badly the front wheel would never sit in the dropouts straight again and it would never ride good again. I wasn’t deterred however and hunted for a used but undamaged headshok to replace it, and eventually I did... or so I had once again thought. Once I got the fork I found it would not hold pressure and would lose it when compressed. And as time kept passing I found I didn’t have the time nor resource to get this bike in working order. I then brought the hot mess to my school bicycle shop, of which I was taking my final year in for high school, and tried to do what I could there to at least get it started for future teams of young bike mechanics to work on.

Now this is where the Klein comes in.
Before I brought the Cannondale to the bicycle shop, the Klein had come in and had caught my eye as it was the first one I had seen in the 3 years I was in the program that wasn’t a bike someone already owned that had a Threadless stem. Not to mention it was almost as bad as the Cannondale. The fork actually had a Dime sized hole in one of the legs, everything was smoked including the original paint. Work on fixing it up began and I was not as involved as I had wanted. A lot of things I did were either straight up undone or I had to do over because someone screwed with it. Other things were out of my hands. The paint was done in a different class, as well as the graphics, and the paint choice wasn’t too fantastic, and the graphics were done completely bassackwards or flat out wrong in certain cases. The things I did do however were some of the best work. I did all the cable routing and shifting/brake adjustment. Speaking of brakes let me talk about the front fork and that whole ordeal. The replacement fork we got was a used Rock Shox Quadra 10, which was a world away from the Indy that was on the Klein originally. The biggest problem with the fork was is lacked brake posts, and being a fork made for cantilever brakes, finding the right ones would be damn near impossible and/or waste money we didn’t have. So we took some barrel spacers, long bolts that we found to be the right size and tread pitch and type after using a bottle cage bolt as a check guide, which, thank god was exactly what we needed, and Jerry rigged the front brakes on the fork. From there the last things need to be done was a new rim in the rear (the one used was a shite single wall as it was all we had) and a new crankset. Some things couldn’t be helped, like twist shifters, bad brake levers, old half grips, plastic pedals, etc.

Soon a trade was made and I had the Klein in hand and it was all mine. But I still had stuff to fix. I bought a new cassette and new brake levers, as I found it wasn’t just the old cranks making the chain slip, it was the knawed out cassette too. I had enough of the old levers bullshit and finally got the front brakes to grab better and the rear brakes to grab at all.
But soon enough the old cracking tires bugged me too and I bought some new continental trail kings. Annnnnnnd then the crown of the Quadra rubbed on them when fully compressed so I ended up getting a used Indy S that was in good condition and had brake posts as well as some FSA spacers, which matched the headset. And then THAT created even more weird problems so I finally got EVERYTHING I needed to redo the cables, including a new stem, bars and shifters. And it was finally, exactly how I wanted- ANNNNND the derailleur adjuster broke. I proceeded to have an aneurism out of sheer frustration and bought a 98 Deore LX 7 - 9 speed derailleur (fact: that’s the derailleur that was on the Cannondale) off eBay, put aluminum pulley cogs on it and NOW, everything was exactly how I- wait what? Oh damn it all. Yeah, so remember that single wall rear? It finally gave me the finger and went out of wack on a trail ride. So now a 200 USD wheel set, cassette spacer- And now the cassette is stuck on the old hub and my cassette tool is stripped. One night of existential crying and some more purchases, I finally got the bike together and good to go. Until about a 3 days later when I noticed the headset was loose and wouldn’t tighten at all. So now with a new cassette (that was ordered Incase the old one wouldn’t go that I ended up using anyway) that came in a day later then it should’ve, a FSA “The Pig” headset, and a burning passion to be done with this shit for five days at least- SNAP. There goes one of the stainless steel stem bolts, on Friday, when we’re supposed to go to a big motocross event-party-thing. Some drilling and a hardware store bolt later, and she was good for the weekend. I had a new stem exactly like the one with the broken bolt ordered up and it got here and I got everything set and FINALLY, after 4 months of hard wrenching, tears, and several hundred dollars later, and my Klein Restomod is done and over with for the time being.

The Future of the Build?

The future is bright for my Klein. Sometime in the next year or two I intend to make full use of the bigger free body hub on the rear wheel to run a Box Components Prime 9 system and ditch the old 3x setup that’s starting to not be able to keep up with me. I also plan to drop big money on a RockShox Recon Silver fork. The only modern straight steerer, Rim brake air fork t RockShox still sells and makes. Nothing against the Indy, but eventually I’m gonna need some more travel to support my riding style.

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