Full suspension Trail Bike $2000.00CAD

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Full suspension Trail Bike $2000.00CAD
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Posted: Oct 12, 2019 at 19:08 Quote
Hello Everyone,

So I am trying to find a bike for my wife and I to start riding, I wanted us to get something that we could grow into if we started really enjoying our rides. I used to mountain bike a lot 20+ years ago I had a burgundy Trek Y 22 that I put 1000's of hours into riding, Now I have not ridden a bike for almost 2 decades. My wife has only ridden on road bikes and not often.

We just visited a local bike shop I let them know we would like to spend around $2,000-$2,500 per bike. they suggested a 2020 Giant Stance.


Now I like the look of the Stance however I was hoping for something with a little more suspension travel in case we started getting into the sport more and wanted to start tackling some more intense terrain down the road. Is this a good idea? or not needed?

Our plan is to start with really basic rides mostly cross country with some light trails mixed in and try and get confident and strong enough to try more challenging trails. I thought this would be a more entertaining way of living a healthy exercise filled life style without the somewhat boring routine of working out at home or going to the gym.

Any suggestion's on alternatives to the Giant Stance, or reason's why its a good choice are welcome.

Posted: Oct 13, 2019 at 21:40 Quote
look at the trance, its about the same price and has 1500 front and 140 rear

Posted: Oct 20, 2019 at 18:05 Quote
I just bought a 2019 Giant Anthem 1 NX for ~ $2300 (discounted from $3150) and the components are so much better than the 2020 Stance. I would recommend finding a deal on last year's model. The Stance doesn't even come with a dropper post (which is one of the best upgrades you can have). So I don't know... either be patient and find a deal (try other brands as well), or spend more.

For the type of trails you're riding, 110-130mm should be enough, but if you plan to progress to gnarlier terrain, you may need more travel, which puts you in enduro territory, and that means more $$$.

For perspective, I ride XC/trail and my Anthem is perfect for that (130mm fork, 110mm rear). It's also an excellent climber. Bigger travel bikes are usually heavier (unless you go carbon) and they're more suited for downhill, which makes them less proficient at climbing.

It's hard to give advice on this, but if it were me, I'd probably get a nicely equipped XC/trail bike, ride it for 1-3 years, and maybe upgrade to an enduro if I find that I'm limited by the bike.

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