Suspension Troubles on Spartan

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Suspension Troubles on Spartan
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Posted: Oct 24, 2019 at 19:56 Quote
Hey all, I currently own a 2015 Devinci Spartan that I bought used off of my Local Bike Shop. The previous owner obviously never rode it because the tires were still fresh and there was not a mark on the bike. However he did upgrade and customize the hell out of it. Factory 36 fork, Factory DPX2 shock, transfer post, Chris King hubs, saint brakes, XTR shifting, ect. The first moth of riding this bike was amazing but that's because I was coming from a 2017 DB Release 2. However over the following months, I have noticed that the bike has not been feeling much better than my previous super short travel trail bike. The rear end seemed so stiff and the suspension was not helping to smooth out anything. So I decided to try volume reducers, mess with air pressure, compression, rebound and everything. I have even had the whole rear shock rebuilt! Nothing has worked. It still feels pretty bad. I have been Tod to try coil but I feel its the bike not the suspension. Anybody else have this? Should I just try to bu a new frame and switch the parts? Thanks

Posted: Dec 22, 2019 at 0:54 Quote
Hey, Im owner of 2016 one, have been running both air and coil shocks now... to me it seems that something is wrong with frame or shock, because even spartan may not be the plushest 165mm frame on market (e.g. my friends new spesh enduros are just little bit more planted and buttery smooth even with air shocks) mine is very stable and eating rocks for breakfast :-). I would try removing shock and try frame alone if runs smoothly in bearings. Then the shock... either it can be wrong tune/settings. or just not ideal volume - spartan is relatively progressive frame, so it likes large volume chambers shocks and Im very happy running it now with coil also. And also Ive not been using any high end shocks (RS Monarch debonair and older fox DHX coil ... and was always happy with setup. hope that helps

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