Advice for 27.5+ F/R Tire Combo for Aggresive Riding

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Advice for 27.5+ F/R Tire Combo for Aggresive Riding
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Posted: Nov 9, 2019 at 20:57 Quote
Well here she goes... 27.5+ on my Offering.. I truly think this is the 'goldilocks' set up for me... (lower gyroscopic force = much faster turning, climbs much better, rails corners - simply just a bit more 'fun' - but you do lose some 'plow'). I ride in the PNW, pretty much all year.. gravitate towards fast black trails, like flow but find myself coaxed into some gnarly double blacks on occasion. Drops around here rarely exceed 5ft.. but I'll hit them every time I can.

The problem is finding the right 27.5+ tire combo for an aggressive rider (ie. 3.0" width preferable to not drop BB / cranks too low; as the Offering is a 29" bike that 'can' accept 27.5+). I had a set of NN 3.0f / 2.8r (on 35mm wide rims) and was reaching the limits of front end traction in the dry (never mind rear, had it sliding all over the place.. but thats fine).

So fast fwd to a properly 'wet day'.. front end traction was downright terrifying AND I managed to blow a hole in the rear (2 rides old) by tearing nob (nearly) off. Pressures were fine so lets not go there (18psi rear, 15psi front). Night and day different experience to my usual trusty DHF/DHR Maxxis' I've used on my 29" wheelset.

I get the feeling that tire manufactures kinda give the plus sizes a pass in 'seriousness of capability'.. as in 'shit, most ppl riding plus are just floating around anyways.. do we really need to think about lug spacing etc or can't we just stretch everything out?'

I would potentially go Magic Mary F / Hans R in 2.8" ea but honestly.. beside that setting the BB low, I am also put off Shwable by this whole situation. Otherwise, I could go 2.8 ea DHF / DHR.. which is proven combo.. but again.. low BB.. so that leaves me with the 3.0" Highroller II's... in Maxxis... which I also suspect I could fit the Highroller 3.0" in the rear as Maxxis usually fit a bit small (especially if you don't overinflate to stretch when new) OR lastly the Terrenne Chunk in a 3.0f / 2.8r.. another reason I like the idea of a front 3.0 (especially with a stiff sidewall) is gaining back some of the aforementioned 'plow'.

Anyways.. I am not totally off the 29" bandwagon.. but even with the shit NN's I was stunned just how good (and more importantly 'fun') the Offering rode.. and objectively apparently it all wasn't 'just in my head' as it was good enough to put me in top 3% both up and down some familiar high traffic trails. Did mention it is fun too!?

Sooo.... who is riding aggressively with a 27.5+ set up out there? What tire combo are you running? Pressures?

Posted: Nov 16, 2019 at 20:12 Quote
Might try the MTBR Plus Bike forum, also your post gets a lot more visibility from the New Post feature where it is shown to the general population because it is new...

Posted: Nov 16, 2019 at 20:40 Quote
Could you try going with a WTB Vigilante 2.8 front and rear? or are you looking for 3.0 exclusively to get the little bit of extra BB clearance?

I'm rocking a Vigilante 2.3 front on my 27.5 (non plus) bike and I'm very happy with how it rides. I'm not super aggressive but I feel that the more you want to throw the bike around and get it leaned over the happier the Vigilantes are with the side knobs which might work for fast flow trails.

Posted: Dec 12, 2019 at 8:55 Quote
I'm a little late to this party, but I run 27.5x3.0 High Roller 2s and love them. I run 15 psi front and rear and it works for me.

My bike came with 27.5 x3.0 rocket rons, which are great for smooth stuff. I moved shortly after I got the bike and the rocket rons were total trash on rougher trails. I had demo'd a bike with 29 High Roller 2s and found the braking performance on rocky terrain to be really good vs other tires on other demo bikes, so I grabbed some in 27.5x3.0 and was 100% delighted with how much they improved the braking performance on my hardtail.

I bought 4 of the High Roller 2s in 27.5x3.0 when I found them on sale for $50 apiece...because Maxxis told me they're dropping the 27.5x3.0 and are just going to have 27.5x2.8.

I'd like to have a full-suspension frame where I could swap all my hardtail bits over and run a 27.5x3.0 setup, but I've yet to get one.

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