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Posted: Nov 11, 2019 at 13:08 Quote
What size bike would be best for me. I'm 5ft 10

Posted: Nov 11, 2019 at 13:22 Quote
Maybe a medium, maybe a large. It's not an easy question to answer as bike sizes aren't standardised and we all have different builds, length of torso, arms and legs. If you can, try demoing a few different bikes and see what's comfortable.

Posted: Nov 11, 2019 at 14:07 Quote
Okay cheers for that mate

Posted: Nov 11, 2019 at 14:16 Quote
Oh dear, you've opened a can of worms.

A few years ago, there was a popular bike for which the size XL was smaller than another popular bike's size Small. It's a bit like clothing sizes: a size "Medium" in the United States might be XXL in southeast Asia.

Nominal sizes - ex. "Medium" or "Large" - are all over the map. Instead, your first step in sizing it to look at the reach. It's not the only thing to consider, but it's your best starting point.

Posted: Nov 11, 2019 at 15:15 Quote
large i would say

Posted: Nov 12, 2019 at 6:31 Quote
I’m 5’ 11” and have a Large frame bike and Medium one with handlebar extension. Large fits me best. Not all bike manufacturer’s sizes are the same, but I agree with others that Large would fit you better as well.

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