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RockShox Sektor Noise
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Posted: Nov 13, 2019 at 5:52 Quote
I have a brand new old stock Sektor Gold RL Solo Air that is knocking on compression. It has two short rides on it and noticed it on the first ride. I think its either a 2014 or 15, it was manufactured in December 2014.

It knocks about 1/2 of the way down its travel. If I compress it as slow as I can, I get no knock. It reverberates as well through the handle bars and I can feel it while riding. I am 100% certain it is not the headset.

I have tried adjusting air pressure, motion control and rebound to see if the sound changes.

-Air pressure: no change
-Motion control: seems to get louder with increase in motion control
-Rebound: If the rebound is max (turtle) the noise goes away. A single click away and the knock is back.

I have been searching and reading about this for days and I am not the first person to have knocking in a RockShox. But most of the issues seemed to be related to the Solo Air. Based on what I found with the rebound, I think there is something wrong in that leg rather than the Solo Air leg.

I plan on pulling it apart in the near future, but would appreciate any feedback before doing so.


Posted: Nov 17, 2019 at 12:26 Quote
I recently installed a new TK 30 Gold RL Solo Air on my hard tail and had knocking issues. I attributed it to the bumper topping out after small hits. The Sektor may react differently depending on the air spring configuration. Increasing the rebound only made it top out faster and harder. I noticed the damping was fast even at full turtle, and compression was better with the lock out slightly closed. It's a new fork! The seals must be new. I concluded that the oil level must be too low affecting the overall damping. I decided to dump the factory installed oil and replenish it with the factory recommended amount rather than do a 200 hour service or send it in under warranty just to have the same problem. Wa-la! The compression damping is much improved, and I actually have adjustment on the rebound, and as yet I can not reproduce the clunk manually. I haven't ridden it yet to prove that this is the problem as I did it two nights ago. I did the fix with the fork on the bike, so not a lot of work. I've had other forks knock due to other issues but this one has been the most annoying, and they were due for some service or the Schrader valve failed. Yes, I had a fork completed serviced and it did not resolve the clunking, a bad Schrader valve, a $1 fix I didn't think of at the time nor did my LBS!!

Posted: Nov 18, 2019 at 6:43 Quote
Thanks for the input. Please go riding! Then let me know if the knocking is better.

I drained and refilled the oil in the upper part of the fork. The RS oil volume guide was not helpful, if I used the volume recommended it overflowed while reinstalling the compression damper. At first it was still noisy, but after a ride it seemed to be better. Maybe this is a function of slow oil leaking over the years.

Posted: Nov 18, 2019 at 12:10 Quote
If the fork isn't extended or if you push the damper in too quickly then you will get oil spillage. We're riding our full squish tomorrow but I'll be riding the hard tail again soon and will let you know. Double check the volume in the charts, they are confusing especially since every year model seems to differ. Too little and not enough damping, too much and you get hydraulic lock. I'll keep you posted, thanks. Oh, I drop the air spring down to 50 psi, that way I can can pump it a little to get all the oil out of the damper side as there is always some remaining in the rebound side even with the compression damper removed. Try that when changing the oil.

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