E-MTB specific parts...an admission that bikes are made for light riders?

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E-MTB specific parts...an admission that bikes are made for light riders?
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Posted: Nov 22, 2019 at 8:44 Quote
I've been seeing parts that are "E-MTB rated" these days and those parts are just stronger(heavier) versions of the parts. As best I can tell, it seems that E-MTBs only weigh about 20-30 lbs more than regular bikes.

So, I have some questions to hear your comments on the matter.

1) Is it because manufacturers assume that e-bike riders are going to be fatter?

It's totally possible that they're assuming this, but there are plenty of riders who weigh significantly more and ride regular bikes too...but maybe that's why parts break so much.
Maybe PB needs a bike tester who rides hard who weighs over 200 lbs.

2) Is it because manufacturers really do design parts around 160-170 lb riders?

If an extra 30 pounds breaks your parts, then you've probably under-designed it, or you should specify that it's a "race" part to signify to purchasers that it will break under hard use.
I've always been a heavier rider(currently 210 lbs) and I've just figured out through breakage what parts actually work for my weight without breaking. I've been riding good quality bikes for 29 years and I've never weighed less than 180 lbs in that time.

3) Is it a marketing gimmick?

It seems a bit odd that they'd go to marketing gimmicks for such a relatively small market. Is it actually a big market?

4) Are e-bikes really that much more intense?

I've never ridden one, but this seems unlikely. The downs really shouldn't be an faster on an e-bike unless you're talking about a really mellow section of down.

Posted: Nov 22, 2019 at 9:02 Quote
50% The motor and added weight (8kg +-) causes a lot more stress to e bikes components, drivetrain in particular (i suspect we ll see more gearboxes in the future)

50% marketing

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