Why are we paying so much for a bike

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Why are we paying so much for a bike
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Posted: Dec 28, 2019 at 1:28 Quote
You're paying for extra engineering. Extra details. Extra time to do things right. A cutting edge product.

Refined manufacturing techniques for precise tolerances, which may include only using tooling for a certain number of cycles before discarding them. Or paying $$$ for the higher grade tooling (e.g. molds can cost over 100k USD).

Higher grade materials. Engineers are always trying to find the optimum compromise, that eeks out the numbers their product managers are pulling out of their ass for goals.

Experienced labor that complies with stricter QA. An impeccable reputation cannot be understated. A 5% defect rate might be a matter of fact for Trek, Yeti, etc. which can be compensated for with a generous warranty program, which might even cover clear evidence of rider abuse, such as frame failures from harsh bottom outs--e.g. sheared seat tube on Yeti or Giant, since the wheel wanted to keep moving and the shock can't compress any further, the link at the seat tube gets rammed forward. Some brands design their bikes to be reinforced against this failure mode. A void in the carbon can lead to cracks, due to poor lay-up, esp in difficult areas like the chainstays.

If you're a size M, try a Marin Alpine Trail, if you're against paying that kind of money. Or compromise with something in between, like a Fezzari La Sal. Or shop used, like get a Spec Enduro next year when the Spec shop employees sell their $6k bike for 3500.

In other industries, the difference between a mainstream product and a cutting edge racing product is 10-100x the cost. A SR-71 is about 25% faster than the fastest fighter jet, but it does so for hours whereas the fighter can only maintain its speed for a few minutes before it runs out of fuel. It's a huge understatement to say the SR-71 is advanced. It's still unmatched to this day. Same for MotoGP rides vs off the showroom floor... the Megatower is raced at the highest level of the sport without any special touches. It happens because it's a price rage that people can afford.

P.S. based off the flag next to the OP's name, I'll also say: blame a certain someone for trade wars, and the extra costs getting passed to the consumer. In this case, the value for the spec you get seeming to be lame. Santa Cruz factory is in China, whereas Taiwan isn't subject to the same 25% tariff. Buy that Santa Cruz and you're financing that tax cut for the wealthy, sorta. You're just paying a price that used to get a higher spec, but now it comes with stuff you see as "entry level".

Posted: Dec 28, 2019 at 10:22 Quote
smokeybear wrote:
My overall point is how the bike industry is rratching up prices. I can buty racing surfski all carbon, 20 lbs imported from South Africa for 3k and there is way more carbon used and its built buy hand. So what are we paying giant, Santa Cruz yeti etcso much money for

Carbon is generally hand laid see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSUKM3bvcyk
the expertise and qc systems at Giant and other top tier builders are best in the industry, this is why they are too expensive for many small brands to go to. they generally support their frames for a long time after last year of production. break a chainstay or custom frame link on no-name frames and you are sol. some cut rate builders are comically bad, dirt floor/zero safety/zero engineering/hope it works disasters. (btw a friend of mine crashed fairly hard when his ebay carbon fork collapsed railing through a downhill intersection in the city, do you feel lucky?)

it is easy to say 'we offer a lifetime warranty' much harder to provide that service in actual fact. most small brands struggle with this as they guess how many spares are required and roll the dice, with your after sales service.

ps. i looked up surfski as i didnt know what that was, looks like a specific type of kayak, those would be far easier to build as its basically a one large piece, much easier access to layup. it would use more carbon for sure but the labour costs would be lower im certain. also total parts could it likely 10 times less than a complete carbon bike. parts count matters when producing anything.

Posted: Dec 28, 2019 at 23:37 Quote
I don't even want a carbon bike give me a well built modern geo aluminum bike. Again ibis three blocks sell,-out-a Cruz cycle (santa cruz). Delivered a well priced aluminum ripmo killer bike killer price too small for me needs to build XL. Lol the bike industry's selling kool aide and unless people stop drinking it the prices will keep going higher. Companies like Santa Cruz are paving the way. I actually make good money and have it to spend. I bought my Mercedes with cash, and would never buy a hundaui. I am a smart shopper and am shocked that people are not smarter and just guzzling that kiol aide RAndD, lol really you believe that?

Posted: Dec 28, 2019 at 23:38 Quote
Also high end carbon is done with preprg and cooked. Not hand laid. Hand lay up is old school

Posted: Dec 29, 2019 at 11:41 Quote
smokeybear wrote:
Also high end carbon is done with preprg and cooked. Not hand laid. Hand lay up is old school

arranging the hundreds or prepreg cutouts and forming them into place in the mold is done by hand by people. the cutouts are laser cut these days. I guess you didn't watch the video above?

Posted: Jan 20, 2020 at 13:26 Quote
smokeybear wrote:
I want to buy a megatower but man 5k for an entry level build! Am i the only one who thinks this is getting way out of control?

I just bought a MT C. The CC I couldn’t justify as it’s all serviceable parts. Up my forks to 170mm. Put on hope e4 brilliant bike. Next upgrade is wheels. 150x better than my intense

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