Arrrgh...teeth and lip and nose (to the tune of shoulders knees and toes) ...full face....abuse and insults

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Arrrgh...teeth and lip and nose (to the tune of shoulders knees and toes) ...full face....abuse and insults
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Posted: Nov 26, 2019 at 14:23 Quote
Right....last thursday, relaxed on the Brompton, cycling home at 5:30....out from a junction into traffic and BANG...from absolutely nowhere...huge blow to my face, then onto my back BANG...big blow to the back of my head. A car? Meteorite? Nothing. Just ice. Or diesel. But the good guy who came to sort me out - trying to find him by going onto Radio Cambridge tomorrow morning - said 'ice'. I have never had a bike go like that. Blood everywhere. Teeth bashed in, probably from handlebars or other part of the bike. Instinctively I pushed them all back into place - which the maxillofacial surgeon said was exactly the right thing to do. More blood. And big concussion. Nice Guy bundled me into a taxi when it turned out that the ambulance would be 40 minutes. At A&E went a bit weird with the concussion (how can remembering your name be such a challenge?) but the medical crew were great. Teeth splinted, hand X rayed, head CT scanned - clean up, obs and then home. Four other people were admitted from the same area immediately after me. Didn't see any gritting being done....

But at the weekend I just got freaked out by going on the Brompton again. And so I made up a Cannondale Bad Boy which had been lurking in the barn, winterised it, and got my full face enduro and DH helmets out. I'm not going on a bike in the winter here without a full face on now. I use them in the bike park, in single track and on the hill, and I am bl++dy well going to use it on the road.....I assume to abuse and insults....I know this FF thing for the road has been raised before (and reduced aural input, etc) and I have never seen anyone else in a FF on tarmac.

Posted: Nov 30, 2019 at 12:19 Quote
Who gives a damn about what people say. I like face protection.

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