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Brake advice needed!
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Posted: Dec 5, 2019 at 16:16 Quote
Greetings pinkbike MTB community! I'm in need of advice from some more experienced Riders. I currently ride a 2010 Kona dawg Deluxe. I've done a lot to it so far whole new cockpit, updated suspension front and back, converted both Wheels to tubeless and wrapped them with a Maxxis High Roller in the back and then maxxis ignitor in the front, put the Crank Brothers candy pedals on, swap the 3 by 9 drivetrain for a 1 by 10 setup, 34 tooth narrow wide chainring 11 to 42 tooth wide range cassette with a Shimano SLX Shadow Plus in charge of shifting, got a new saddle to finish up choosing my new points of contact. Pretty much done everything short of getting a new wheel set, a Dropper post, and the whole reason I made this thread, new brakes. So the Shimano m575 hydraulic disc brakes it came with work they do the job, but they leave me wanting for something that bites better with a lever that engages earlier in the pull. The man who owned the bike before me was in his late 50s and mainly rode it on paved roads with the rear shock locked out. Needless to say the mineral oil was not cooked so in my opinion it was not in need of a brake bleed. However I did end up having to top off the mineral oil. I have recently installed jegwire semi mettallic break pads in both front and back and i sanded down both rotors. They are performing better but still not what I'm looking for. It seems like no matter how many times I flush the air out of the system it comes back in 2 or 3 days, but only in the rear brake. The front brake engages early in the lever pull but the back is mush untill the end of the pull. This will not do as i am a one finger braker. After I flush the air out of the hose the back will engage sooner in the pull, but without fail after anywhere from 1 to 3 days it will be back to mush. So my question to you guys is should I bleed the brakes and get new hoses and new rotors and stick with these Shimano m575 brakes from 2010 or should I save that money and by a newer set of lower-tier brakes? I live in San Francisco and rent is very expensive and I'm working on a budget here. I pretty much have 120 to spend. And I've seen that that could get me a full set front and back of some Shimano m300 something series brakes or it could get me 1 SLX level brake that I can put on the rear and leave the same one on the front for now. Or like I said I could spend it on fully renovating my existing brakes with a bleed on both new hoses on both and new rotors front and back. I just don't know what will be the most bang for my buck. Any advice? I'm totally open to any brand of brakes that are Trail Worthy and will save my ass at the bike park, doesn't have to be Shimano. That's just what the bike came with and what I've looked up the most. But I'm open to anything that will allow me to use one finger and bite hard early in the lever pull. Thank you very much guys

Posted: Dec 7, 2019 at 4:14 Quote
Here’s a great deal on SRAM Guide takeoffs which are decent 4 pot brakes.

Posted: Dec 7, 2019 at 10:49 Quote
Thats the best price I've seen on any 2 pot/4 caliper brakes anywhere! Thanks man much appreciated

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