Specialized Stout XC Crankset removal

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Specialized Stout XC Crankset removal
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Posted: Dec 7, 2019 at 11:25 Quote
Dear Bikers,

I am trying to remove the Spec. Stout XC crankset from my Specialized Fuse 6Fattie Comp 2016.

After the most recent bike wash there was some noise coming from the cranks/bottombracket so I thought I would disassemble and clean and regrease it all.

I have removed the preload cap on the non driveside, loosened the pinchbolts on de left crank and got that one off.
The alu spacer between the bearings and the crank did not want to come off, but with some big pliers with taped beaks got a proper grip and twisted the spacer right off.
Now, to my humble understanding, I should be able to pull the right crank out of the bearings with the chainring and spindle still attached. Maybe a little motivation of a rubber mallet would be needed, but thats it right?

Well, not.

Soaking it a night in WD-40 and banging it the next morning with the mallet, no movement.
Got proper thin oil and let that soak in for a night, still no movement.

I even bought a freezing spray, cooling temperatures to minus 50 Celcius. I sprayed this in the spindle to see if i can shock shrink the spindle out of the bearing or at least give enough room to get some movement or in the worst case, better oil peneratrion in the stuck area. But still zero progress.

Am I stupidly on the wrong track and overlooking a step in dissassembly or are the spindle and inner bearing housing completely rusted and seized?

A home made press had no results either Frown

The only options i see that are left are:
- Dremel everything to small bits and chisel it out fragment by fragment.
- Go to my LBS who will also find a destructive removal method, he is not very delecate...

Posted: Dec 7, 2019 at 14:04 Quote
Well, after confirmation from another Fuse '16 owner that brute force is the way to go and no steps have been forgotten to properly disassemble, having at it with a steel head hammer and a 3mm thin piece of wood on the preloadcap worked.

Thanks for all your suggestions! here are the pictures of how it came out:

Lessons learned, next time i should start giving some love and new grease to this area earlier in the bikes life and more frequent.

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