Anyone have a Nomad v4 as their do it all bike?

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Anyone have a Nomad v4 as their do it all bike?
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Posted: Dec 10, 2019 at 1:37 Quote
Hello, I’m keen to hear from anyone who uses a nomad as a do it all bike. I’ve had a bronson for the last 3 years and it’s been absolutely brilliant. I also have a downhill bike as I’ve found the limits of the bronson but I only use the downhill bike for a week in the alps in summer and uplifts every 6 weeks or so. As my bronson is a bit tired and many of the components ready for replacement, I’m looking at possibly replacing it. The obvious choice for me is a bronson v3 although my other option is If I sell my downhill bike and get a nomad v4 as a one bike for all!. I know the nomad will be great for the uplifts, the alps and some of the riding I do (lakes, Scotland etc) but I also ride occasional trail centres and long days with my family and some of my local riding involves long fairly tame transitions in between the downhills. Has anyone spent time peddling the nomad v4? Is it going to be a chore on all but the big stuff? Really keen to hear any thoughts. Read all the reviews and the verdicts are a bit mixed!

Posted: Dec 10, 2019 at 1:41 Quote
P.s I’m a bit of a Santa Cruz fanboy not just because I like the bikes but the warranty on the frame, wheels and bearings. Fairly keen to stick with nomad or bronson. I’ve been told I’d be suited to the megatower due to my height 6”3 and riding style.


Posted: Dec 10, 2019 at 12:48 Quote
I use the Nomad as my only bike atm, well besides a dj. It actually feels so similar to my banshee darkside that I ended up selling the darkside, i do miss the dual crown on occasion though. I have zero issues pedaling the nomad on any terrain and can easily do 30+ mile rides. The only part I don't particularly enjoy it on is flatter rolling trails, its made some flow trails unenjoyable even compared to the previous gen nomad which had a shorter reach and was a bit more spirited in ride. I love the bike in the air and on jump lines though, its also a tremendous straight line brawler for a single crown bike. Flat trails with tight corners can be a bit of a drag, but manageable. I don't regret it getting it, but if I was on mellower trails more often I would of been happier with something else.

Posted: Dec 10, 2019 at 13:57 Quote
Thanks, that’s really helpful. Think I may need to get to a demo event before making a decision, would hate to get the nomad and miss both my current bronson and my DH bike!

Posted: Dec 20, 2019 at 9:51 Quote
My Nomad 4 is my only ride. Through rolling desert to chunky rocky desert mountain to rocky forest. The rolling desert is boring and I rarely do it and rarely adjust my rear suspension too. But if I was going to do a lot of miles or regular flatter trails I would add 10 or so PSI to the rear to accommodate. I've thrown a 29er up front and the bike rode well as a mullet. I don't think worth having 2 forks do do this but if you were starting from scratch definitely a consideration. The point and smash aspect of the 29 did change my line choice now and then. Could also go with a 180 mm 27.5 fork and there is a company that makes a rear linkage bumping up the travel too for park days. For me the Mega Tower was just being released when I bought my Nomad and the price put it out of reach. Though I would have loved to demo one. I'm sure it would have been a very tough decision between Nomad and Mega. I have no regrets on my choice for Nomad as my do it all bike.
Things though I am looking to upgrade; the Fox Performance Grip with the Grip2. I've added a RUNT to it and I like that so far. Next upgrade the DT Swiss 370 to something else with more engagement. And the Maxxis EXO+ rear was no match for our rocks and that was out after the 1st 100 miles.

Posted: Jan 23, 2020 at 6:02 Quote
Bit late to the party, I had a V3 Nomad and a TR500 which I loved. Both suited by riding style and intended uses perfectly. Unfortunately some low life scum decided to smash through my garage roof and help themselves to both. fortunately I had both well insured and was able to replace both quickly.

I got a V4 Nomad and a Tues, I mostly ride AM / DM style trails and love hitting big jumps and drops. The Nomad was a bit of an eye opener. Since I got both in October I've used the Tues twice (I ride normally around twice a week, more when I can in the summer) I've used the Tues twice, once when I got it as it was a new bike and the 2nd time last week as I felt guilty about neglecting it since I've got it.

The reason I've only ridden it twice it because the Nomad just eats everything you put in front of it. It'll pedal up hills / trail centers with little fuss. It's bigger than the old V3 and noticeably so. The reach is longer and its planted at speed, the back end feels like a DH bike. I jumped on my mates Bronson the other day and in terms of size the new large Bronson seemed similar to my old V3 Nomad. The V4 nomad has a longer reach. I run it with a 35mm stem. It's true it doesn't fully come alive until you're tanking but I love it so much so that I rarely reach for the DH bike. I've done everything on it from Snowdon, trail centers, step tech, natural trails and uplift days at Revs / BMCC. I've hit the vision line, full moto and the Windhill pro line on it and never felt under biked. You can throw it around in the air. It'll whip and get flat on tables with little effort. I enjoy it just as much on full on DH trails as I do flowy XC style trails. Until this bike I wasn't convinced there was such a thing as a "do it all" bike as i felt like you were always compromising on something, I don't feel that way about the new Nomad. It's been the only bike I've ever owned that's made me think I can do away with the DH bike. Still it's nice to have both eh?

It's given me a serious dilemma as to which bike to take to the Alps in July I'm honestly considering it. Not that there is anything wrong with the RS deluxe on it but if I do end up taking it to the Alps I may stick a coil on the back just for the chunkier stuff but in my opinion it really is a do it all bike or at least as close to it as it's possible to be.

I got the Nomad C with the reserve wheels

Posted: Feb 20, 2020 at 12:00 Quote
I have had my nomad V since September of 2017 and have not wish for a DH, trail nor XC bike. In the summer i go to the bike park at least once a week. i am not super fast nor the most gifted rider out there, I mostly to rocks and steep terrain, starting doing jumps and 5-7 ft drops. The bike is super stable at high speeds, still as some pop and is maneuverable. I also do around 2 trail rides a week all year weather permitting (north east USA) of around 14 miles with 1500-2000 ft of climbing (is a good climber with great traction ) and i find the Nomad to be up to the test. Last year i did a 35 miles ride in king doom trails and never felt the bike was holding me back. However in flat terrain you do feel the bike is dormant, I usually avoid those type of trails anyhow because i don't seem to enjoy them as much regardless of the bike.

Posted: Feb 25, 2020 at 15:36 Quote
I had the same question as you and I have bronson v2 and love it! I rode my friends nomad v4 this weekend and it is magic! It climbs noticeably better and made my bronson feel harsh on the downhills. I’m getting one!

Posted: Feb 29, 2020 at 11:45 Quote
yup I have a 2020 Nomad 4 carbon eggplant... Use it for local trails... sometimes when it gets way too steep i walk it a little bit but im also more of a park guy so i definitely need to get in better shape for that style of riding.. use it for lift operated bike parks.. been to summit, mammoth, northstar and I even some times use it as a commuter i just pump the tires up and lock out my shocks! I absolutely love my nomad 4 its a beast. I do want to get the Long travel link and replace my super deluxe with a fox DHX2 coil shock. hands down one of the best all around bikes.

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