Another which bike should I by thread.. Sentinel or Ripmo AF?

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Another which bike should I by thread.. Sentinel or Ripmo AF?
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Posted: Dec 11, 2019 at 9:46 Quote
I am considering upgrading my frame if it is even worth doing. I have a 2019 Vitus Escarpe of which I upgraded pretty much everything except the chain, rotors and dropper post:

-GX groupset
-bitex/stan's wheels
-zee brakes
-lyrik rc2
-DVO topaz

I like the bike and bumped up the fork travel from 140 to 160. It is recommended 140 or 150 so 160 is no issue. Would upgrading to either the Ripmo AF or Transition Sentinel AL be worth it? If so, which would you recommend? Love the new ripmo but have always been a fan of the sentinel. TBH I will probably stick to aluminum. I really don't think the weight would make much of a difference. Only thing I would consider carbon for is the stiffness, and even then is it really worth it? If i don't swap frames I am considering building some carbon wheels instead...

I ride chunky New England trails and hit the bike park occasionally. I actually loved how the Vitus handles DH and I think these 2 bikes would be even better. I demoed a YT Capra 27.5 and hated it on the downs. Partially due to the fact that the reach is not the common longer reaches we see on modern bikes. And I much prefer 29er. I don't like cross country riding. I like climbing up and then riding down. I think the 130-140mm area suspension is ideal.

Worth the upgrade? Or just stfu and ride what I got?

Posted: Dec 11, 2019 at 11:37 Quote
Rumor has it the Sentinel will be on sale soon at about 20% off. Demoed the Sentinel recently and fell for it (was originally looking at the Patrol). Ordered one as soon as I got home from my trip. No time on the Ripmo but haven't heard any negatives on bike performance. The Sentinel has been a little tricky to setup the suspension but this seems normal for heavier riders (250lbs with gear). Both bikes are supposed to be on the heavier side. I have read of other riders that have aluminum Sentinels that are in the 36lbs range. Personally I would go carbon for the weight savings but that is entirely up to you.

No experience with the Vitus Escarpe but would agree the Ripmo AF and Sentinel prob rip a bit harder on DH.

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