Strength and fitness programmes post knee ligament injury

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Strength and fitness programmes post knee ligament injury
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Posted: Dec 14, 2019 at 9:56 Quote
Hi all,I have a few questions regarding the best way to build my quads post knee injury.
A brief summmary,all uk football injuries.
2001 medial ligament rupture left knee, no operation
2003 medial ligament rupture left knee, no operation
2005 ACL rupture left knee found during cartilage surgery
2005 cartilage operation left knee.
I only started riding 20months ago but have spent long periods in the gym trying to strengthen the leg, and each time I’ve tweaked the knee again setting me back weeks/months.
I’ve got to a position with the bike now where my seated climbing is excellent,can climb 3000’ on rocks/loose terrain etc,on 20+mike rides. But as soon as I stand and mash the pedals my quads give up on me almost instantly,and I need to sit back on the saddle again.
I also suffer with my quads on long descents and end up (dangerously) having to sometimes sit down.
Leg extensions etc are not an option for me.and I’ll never be able to run due to the impact on my knee but squatting has helped,although that’s the only exercise which has tweaked the knee every few months in the gym.
Any ideas for help on this?
Surgery is not an option as I’m self employed and can’t get insured

Posted: Jan 1, 2020 at 9:59 Quote
Hey mate, my name is Ben and I run The Strength Factory, specialising in performance coaching for action sports like MX and MTB.

Are you near to Bristol? If you are then we could get you in the gym and have a look at how you move and then make a plan about how to best help you. Without seeing you move and assessing you any advice on here would purely be guess work.
If you are not in Bristol area then do some research and find a decent coach or sports rehab physio in your area who can help you figure out how to train safely and effectively.



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