8 reasons to carry the best multi-tool with you every day

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8 reasons to carry the best multi-tool with you every day
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Posted: Dec 20, 2019 at 20:07 Quote
Your everyday tasks would be a lot easier if you equip yourself with a good multi-tool. Your camping, hiking, or other outdoor trips would be more enjoyable if you bring the most useful multi-tool with you. There are many situations when you need a multi-functional tool to handle everything properly. These vary from simple tasks such as fixing your eyeglasses, removing thorns from fingers during long treks, to more challenging jobs like escaping from a fire.

Multi-tool functions are not very obvious; thus, you’ll not realize their secrets until you start using them when you’re in an emergency. While many people swear by the needs of a multi-tool, others are still unsure if they need one. Some might not even see any use of it in their daily lives or during their long treks in the mountains. However, it is always best to prepare for the unexpected. So why not let us take you through 8 reasons why you need to carry the top-rated multi tools with you.

1. Open mail and cut packages

Even though we’re receiving lots of emails daily instead of regular mails, we still receive mails and packages. Whether it’s a card from your friend who is currently visiting Iceland, a birthday present from your father who is living away from home, or a package from online retailers, you get emails frequently. Everyone wants to open what they receive from the postman ASAP. In these situations, the best multi-tools come in handy.

Of course, anyone can say that you only need a knife, but having a multi mini tool in your pocket will be much more convenient than rushing to the kitchen to find a knife or scissors. The best thing about a multi-tool is that it always has a knife blade. Most of them are lightweight, thin, yet sharp, allowing you to cut your packages with ease.

2. Open a can or bottle

So you’ve got a few cans of beers and a bottle of wine, your party table is all set. You and your friends are all ready to celebrate your summer party on the beach. You’re about to open your cans and only remember that you forget your can opener. Now you realize the functions of a multi-tool. The best multi-tool brands always offer customers a wide range of models, including can and bottle opener, regardless of how small or massive they are. Even the most straightforward multi-tool designed to use as a keychain, like the Gerber Shard, also has a can and bottle opener.

3. Loosen or tighten screws

Lots of our home appliances and types of equipment are held together by little screws, whether wood, concrete, drive, or drywall screws. Screws are everywhere in our homes, in our cars, in the offices where we are working. Sooner or later, you will need to either tighten or loosen them and realize that the best multi-tool on the market is so helpful.

Who knows you might suddenly get locked outside just because the lock of your door was broken? With the help of a multi-tool, you can remove the screws from the door and get the bolt out. Many people can say that they have their screwdrivers in their toolboxes; why do they need a multi-tool? We reckon that once you equip yourself with a multi-tool, you will hardly need that large screwdriver.

4. Fix the zipper

Remember the last time when the zipper of your jacket was damaged? It was frustrating! And it would be even worse if the zipper pull refuses to close, and you’re out there on a cold day. If you have a multi-tool that is equipped with needle-nose pliers, these issues can be fixed in no time. With the best-rated multi-tool like Victorinox Swiss Army Spirit X, you can adjust the zipper pull, grab it close while waiting for a new pull tab to come in handy.

5. Remove splinters

Imagine you’re walking in the park with your loved ones and your four-legged friends. After a while, you’re tired and decided to sit down on the wooden bench to rest—unfortunately, splinters from the bench lodge in your fingers. You try to remove it desperately, but it’s easier said than done.

Splinters are not a problem when you have your medical kits with you, but they can be annoying when you’re in the open. The good news is some multi-tools are equipped with a pair of tweezers, which can be used to pull the splinter out. If you are asking which multi-tools have tweezers, then look for those from Leatherman and Gerber.

6. Tighten your eyeglasses’ screws

While this is not the type of problem that you face every day, it can become frustrating if you’re working on something urgent with a tight deadline. Things will be worse if you do not have any tools around. Glasses have a few tiny screws that might fall off if they become loose. Regular screwdrivers can’t be used to tighten or fix these special screws as they’re so small. However, the highest-rated multi-tool does have an eyeglass screwdriver. So if you wear prescription glasses every day, you might need to find yourself such a multi-tool, and carry it with you every day.

7. Give your belt some extra holes

So you’ve gained some weight recently, and your belt is squeezing you! But you’ve been too busy to go to the leather store nearby to get some extra holes in your belt. Why not use the awl in your multi-tool to give yourself some breathing room? It can make a hole quickly, and you can save money from buying a new belt. Sounds great? The best multi-tool reviews - best multitool in the world usually include a few models with awls. Some of them are Leatherman Signal, Surge, or Gerber Center-Drive.

8. Cut seat-belt in an emergency

During an emergency like car accidents, the knife or the seat-belt cutter of your multi-tool is handy. In these urgent situations, most people will be panicked, not knowing what to do. Besides, you might find yourself in accidents where there are not enough life-saving tools. So equip yourself with a multi-tool, it can be a life-saver!

The bottom line

While there are still debates about whether we will need a multi-tool as an everyday carry, we believe it would be an excellent company for many situations. It helps you to perform daily tasks around the house with ease. When you’re in your outdoor adventures, it could be of great help. Also, when you’re in an emergency, it can save your life.

If you asked us, “what is the best multi tool?”, we would advise you to identify your purposes and budget first. How you’re going to use your tool and how much you’re going to spend will help you to narrow down your choice. We hope our post was helpful. Click share if you like it, and leave us your comments below.

Posted: Dec 21, 2019 at 9:15 Quote
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