20mm Fork Axles—Stabdard: a petition

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20mm Fork Axles—Stabdard: a petition
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Posted: Jan 21, 2020 at 2:34 Quote
Hello DVO, Fox (Marzochi), Rock Shox, SR Suntour, MRP, Cane Creek, Manitou and Ohlins--a sect of loyal, very serious/passionate mountain bike enthusiasts are demanding an industry standard 20mm through axle on the 2021 lineup of your suspension forks. The 15mm axle actually weighs more *and* doesn't compliment the progressive engineering trend of a 'stiffer stronger' made fork>>a double strike!

The reasons 20mm is avoided are the following;
1) 15-45 second longer wheel changes (oh no the enduro podium I missed because of the 20mm axle having 4 extra pinch bolts causing me to use two different wrenches)
2) People will have to spend $15-35 changing their front hub axle/axle caps to 20mm from 15mm—fork manufacturers are scared that people will avoid having to convert their already built wheel for some 'new' standard.
(Not new at all--20mm axles are lighter than 15mm and create a more predictably rigid front end)
3) No one wants to be the first to 'bring back' 20mm on mid to long travel singlecrown forks at the potential risk of losing market share AND money because no one wanted to ride 20mm axles (we do)

I see Rock Shox as the influential player to spec 20mm axles on Lyriks, run em OEM on all the brands that use Lyriks and watch the wheel/suspension industry shift back to the ever reliable 20mm axle.

Fox would do 20mm on 34's and 36's...they told me 15mm is just as good but I know that's total bullshit. They are a racing company. Flat tires on 20mm axles took 'too long' to change according to the Fox tech's I chatted with. Disgusting

I own one of the last made 20mm Fox 36's--2016 w/180mm travel, non-boost, 26". It's on my 2012 Santa Cruz V10. ♥️

We're bringing back 20mm fork axles for 650b/29" wheels on singlecrown forks

Posted: Jan 21, 2020 at 2:48 Quote
Do you want the gravity fork or the race fork?
(Gravity fox 36 would be 20mm axle, thicker steertube>>race being 15mm axle, regular steer)

I imagine sales would be split ~50/50 to be perfectly honest. Not everyone gives a flip about 'faster wheel changes' to improve their overall race points standing.
People want reliable and strong..especially on singlecrown, long travel front suspension forks!

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