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Which pinion fatbike?
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Posted: Jan 21, 2020 at 5:36 Quote
I'm looking for a gates compatible pinion equipped fatbike.
The plan is to use it initially for summer bikepacking, but I'm also keen on building up to some winter trips. It'll be used for general trail riding over the winter too.
Rack mounts are a must (not out to debate the pros and cons, but for longer trips I want the option to take some small panniers). I'd be looking to run a mastodon up front, possibly swapping out for a rigid fork where it makes more sense.
This sort of bike seems (unsurprisingly) to be the preserve of high end frame builders. I've seen a couple of options so far:
Travers bat fastard
Carver o'beast/omega beast
There's also smokestone, but they don't look to be gates compatible, nicolai, but similar price to a ti frame, reeb, but steel option is nearly as much as other ti frames and their ti frame is super expensive.
Travers will be a bit pricier than carver, though I'm UK based so after import tax there might not be much in it. With the Carver, I'm wondering whether if I went for the o'beast I'd regret not having the option for bigger tyres if I'm riding in the snow with a lot of gear. The omega beast looks like a hell of a big bike though, taking 5.5" tyres, though the Travers isn't far behind.
Geometry wise I don't know. Basically I haven't bought a mountain bike for nearly 10 years now so things have moved on a bit, plus I haven't owned a fatbike before either. Custom geometry is an option, but I wouldn't know what to ask for.
Anyone got any advice? Probably best to speak to some frame builders and discuss options anyway.

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