World Cup, more, or less competitive in 2020?

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World Cup, more, or less competitive in 2020?
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Posted: Feb 26, 2020 at 8:57 Quote
In the lat 2 years we’ve seen Loic, & Amaury distance themselves from the rest of the field. But there are still half a dozen guys that are just one step behind them. Is it possible for those 2 to take it to yet, another level? Or Do the Likes of Danny Hart, Troy Brosnan, Loris and the list goes on, reel them back in for a season where anyone could win on any day?

Posted: Feb 26, 2020 at 9:38 Quote
I don´t think those two have been on another level honestly.
Not in the same way Aaron Gwin has been dominating in years prior. The last years have in my opinion been the most competitive ever and 2020 sees quite a few promising young guns make the jump to elite, so if anything the field will get more competitive. Add to that that the likes of Gwin, Hart etc. have now had time to dial in their new platforms and figure out the whole wheelsize thing to their preferred combination, most of the top guys should be able to start the season in almost perfect conditions. Even the young ones like Loris and Luca have had time to reflect on the experiences from the past season and can compete with less pressure because they´re not the new hotness anymore, so their head should be in a good spot as well.
In downhill there´s probably about 30 guys who can take the W on any day in the right circumstances and if we have learned one thing in recent years it is that the athletic difference between them is pretty much negligable. The difference maker nowadays is luck and who gets in the right headspace the earliest by getting a win and staying injury free.
And by luck i just mean staying injury free, getting lucky with weather and track conditions and having no mechanicals. Since the field is so damn tight i feel like these factors have become more important than ever before as everything needs to be 101% to take the win.
Due to all of this i really would not want to make any predictions because it honestly feels like a shot in the dark.
Maybe Gwin finds to old form now that he´s injury free and got his now bike?
Maybe Pierron can keep his level or Loic gets more consistent and smokes the whole field? Maybe Finn, Loic or Luca find the magic formula and start dominating. Who knows.
It´s certainly a good time to be a downhill fan though Salute

Posted: Feb 26, 2020 at 11:28 Quote
Don't forget that Brosnan is on a 29 now. I think he should be faster on that new Sender if he enjoys the 29 wheels. And Minaar is still very much in the race to win on certain course (Fort Bill!). And Finn Iles defo has the skill and drive for it. Just gotta put a run down. So Stoked for this year as a fan haha

Posted: Feb 26, 2020 at 21:02 Quote
I’d love to see a Gwin v Bruni v Pierron showdown for a full season!

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