Rear CZero Hub / Axle Problems on 2018 Scalpel Carbon 3

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Rear CZero Hub / Axle Problems on 2018 Scalpel Carbon 3
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Posted: May 9, 2020 at 12:14 Quote
Over a month ago, the inboard bearing of my freehub (FH567) disintegrated. The freehub tried to grind up the ball bearings but it lost. It also destroyed the drive-side axle bearing which is butted up right against the bearing inside the freehub.
When I took the entire assembly apart I decided to get a replacement for the freehub and for the axle (as well as new bearings). Although the axle looks OK, it is the original aluminum version, which some report snapping, and it looks like some of the bearings were free-spinning around the axle.
I contacted Cannondale as well as Cannondaleexperts and was told that the CK5307U00OS steel axle, and the FH567 are compatible with each other, and with my bike. I questioned both Cannondale and Cannondaleexperts about this statement, because looking at the images of the steel axle, it has a different profile than the original Aluminum axle. I was assured it would work and to get it.
Well, when it arrived, my fears were confirmed. These two parts will not work together.
I have now been waiting for nearly a month to get a response from Cannondale on what axle - freehub combination I need to use for my bike, and what I am supposed to do with the parts they told me to order.
They are UTTERLY incompetent in customer service and in ability to find and supply accurate technical information.

Has anyone faced this issue and have you figured out how to solve this (without completely rebuilding the wheel)?
Thank you for any help and advice!

My "findings" (and feelings) are summarized here:

P.S.: please do not send me to my LBS. They lack attention to detail and after having to redo bunch of work I had them do, I will not take my bike there. Cannondale already tried to pawn me off on them instead of answering what I thought should be a relative simple question.

Posted: Jun 26, 2020 at 5:36 Quote

After months of pestering Cannondale, they sent me a new replacement rear wheel assembly. So I am now finally back in business. It only happened after I started regularly replying to all their marketing tweets about my experience.

Since Cannondale was unresponsive for so long, a month ago I decided to purchased an entire CZero hub assembly - KA103/RR. This is a direct replacement, and also clarified my question about axle-freehub compatibility. This KA103 assembly, includes:
- CK5307U00OS for the axle
- FH-537 for the freehub
So these two parts work together and work inside the CZero hub 12x142mm.

(FH-567 will NOT work, because it is designed for an axle with larger diameter, and I have not been able to find this axle anywhere. Stans offers an axle which looks similar to the axle which originally came with the FH-567, but I have not been able to verify if the dimensions are identical -

HOWEVER!! after I installed this entire hub assembly, I found a slight side-to-side play in the rear wheel. I contacted the dealer who sold me the hub and with their help troubleshooted the hub assembly and narrowed down the source of the play to the fit of the axle drive side bearing inside the hub enclosure.
I do not have the measuring equipment to determine if the dimensional tolerance issues are caused by the diameter of the hub body or the dimensions of the bearing outer race (or a combination of the two).
The dealer (and Cannondale) are going to credit the cost of the hub, because it is clearly defective.

Apparently, there are no more parts or entire assemblies available (hence the credit as oppose to an exchange). It is not clear if this is temporary, or if they have been discontinued for good (which is not ideal for anyone with a bike using CZero hubs, when they fail).
So, no CZero rear hub assemblies (like the KA103), no axle replacements (like the CK5307U00OS) and no freehubs (like the FH-537). You can still find the FH-567 (but I think these are out of stock as well), but I cannot find the compatible axle that works with the FH-567.
If your CZero rear hub fails, and it is not a simple fix like replacing the axle bearings or freehub bearings, get ready to spend major bucks on another 12x142 rear hub, and re-lacing your real wheel. Or buying an entire new wheel.

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