Does anyone own magura brakes that don’t rub?

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Does anyone own magura brakes that don’t rub?
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Posted: Jun 23, 2020 at 0:37 Quote
Honestly I’m reasonably handy on the tools.
I’ve used multiple different brakes.

But these magura MT5s are infuriating. Essentially I needed some cheap brakes to fill a gap.

The magura have good reviews and everyone seems happy with them.

Overall there ok, good power, nice design. I don’t even mind the plastic leaver, and very cheap stoppers.

But I cannot and I mean cannot get them not to drag!!!!!! I have even contacted magura and followed their steps.

So far:-

•Bled them
•Massaged the pads
•Held the brake and aligned, held both hard and softly.
•Aligned by eye.
•Tried magura and shimano rotas.
•Checked and corrected the piston movement.
•Rode them.
•Faced the Mounts
•Tried two sets (stupidly)
•Calliper alignment tool thing.
•Opend the lever bleed screw and checked for over fill.

Once the pistons are pushed back I can get them to run smooth. But as soon as I apply the brake they never return as far, leaving a gap that always rubs.

Honestly they still drag, I mean it’s not as bad now I can ride without noticing to much. But still it’s my pet hate and infuriating. I have read others have noticed this but still seem happy?

So do people who have these and enjoy them have some trick to align them, or do you just not care about the rub. Mine will be going I can’t handle the rub.!!

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