The true plague of our time is the SX group

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The true plague of our time is the SX group
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Posted: Jun 28, 2020 at 23:16 Quote
Just bummed that a new bike under 3k has to come with that junk. Fox 38 or a zeb, but your getting a drivetrain that is a straight embarrassment. Guess the new basic model with gx or slx and a grip gonna cost close to 4k. They toss guide brakes, across headsets, and wheels made of cheese. Fancy light skinned tires on wide (and soft as a baby butt) alu rims... You know those cables, bearings, and in house cockpit are 1 season junk. Cant a dirtbag get a deal anymore? Dtc is getting close to decent used car prices damn champagne cost more than mickeys or PBR. no slack on new stuff and a guy has to wait till halloween to get it?!!!

Posted: Jun 29, 2020 at 9:36 Quote
LOL, I thought 3K with GX is a joke anyhow, a bad joke. It is the miracle of marketing. My best bike ever was a Russian Sputnik with components built under license. The components themselves were some 3-4 years out of date by the time they made the bike. But, 80,000km later I still had the same cassette on. The gears were machined out of a real good alloy. Now, I did manage to break a weld on the frame but that was easily fixed by a guy at the first construction site I passed on my way back home... It did set the paint on fire though.

Now I am old and slow and am happy to hit 60km/h as my top speed. Back then I thought it a waste of my time not to hit at least 100km/h on every outing. Today's bikes last me under a year before I need to tune them every 100km or less. That bike lasted me almost 5 years.

We pay for marketing hype these days. I only ever use 6 gears on my eagle (4 for climbing, 2 for speed, and yes, I can tell which by the wear). That Sputnik had six gears, exactly the ones I needed and still use today. Everything was also serviceable in the field with the lightweight and compact tools provided with the bike. Not the ideal way to service the bike, but I did fix bad bearings in the field with those tools. Same logic applies to almost everything on bikes today. On top of that twisted logic, fewer and fewer things are fully serviceable without a pro tools.... Which by their nature are too heavy to take along.

Posted: Jun 29, 2020 at 21:19 Quote
I have rebuilt loose ball hubs in the desert dust, trued wheels with needle nose, rebuilt forks with motor oil and 4th use crushwashers, clambered home on spliced chains, plugged tires with auto parts kits, straightened taco wheels against a tree, removed disc and brake entirely mid ride to be able to roll again. coasted and foot paddled home 10 miles over nasty terrain after complete drivetrain failure. Walked/carried bike many miles after 6 patches and everything including stuffing brush in the tire would not work. Ive ridden bare assed after shitting my pants and chucking shorts into the bush. Gawd help me I wont pay 4 grand for Sram SX. I draw the line somewhere, and that is it.

Posted: Jun 30, 2020 at 1:52 Quote
Sram should have stopped at GX. No real reason to cut costs further - all should have been GX spec bikes just got down graded to NX... Something which I think also should not exist on a bike meant for trails.

Posted: Jun 30, 2020 at 2:12 Quote
I'd rather see a good ol' 11 sp GX drivetrain on a bike than these heavy garbage SX/NX 12 sp drivetrain that can't even shift properly.
Don't know why 11sp drivetrains are not a thing anymore... Never had any issue climbing long and steep tracks with my 42 teeth cassette.

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