Upgrade Path on a Lapierre Raid 527 2015

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Upgrade Path on a Lapierre Raid 527 2015
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Posted: Jul 3, 2020 at 8:41 Quote
Hi Fellas

I've got a 2015 Lapierre Raid 527 I've had it since new and really only used it as a commuter and light trails since I'm more of a bmx man but I've been riding it alot more recently and messing about at Leeds Urban Bikepark (Insane by the way good ride)

It's a small frame & I've done some slight upgrades like Single speed 30t Superstar sprocket on front & 11-34t Shimano Cassette on back to replace the worn originals.
Nukeproof Sintered pads, Grips, Hope quick releases that sorta stuff just keeping it going well

I now fancy upgrading the forks on the bike as the 100mm XC 30s it comes with are a bit naff, I am not the most clued on MTB spec and there seems to be alot of words and numbers flying about, but I want to upgrade & possible have a little bit more travel on it, my only issue is being a small frame & 27.5 throwing some 150mm forks on is going to ruin the geometry and put stress on the frame and it will ride shite,

Any recommendations for forks for this bike & what's furthest you would push it on travel before it ruins the ride and makes it more likely to snap from stress

As well as any other upgrades you would do to make it more of a trails weapon

Thanks for your time and reading my ramblings. Big Grin

Posted: Jul 5, 2020 at 15:11 Quote
Most bike companies will not recommend putting bigger forks on. I always up fork my bikes. If it came with 100mm I would be looking for a 120-130mm fork it will mess with the geo by a degree here and there. More important though is the forks chassis. With a 30mm tubes fork is subpar for sure. I would look at a pike or another fork with 34mm+ tubes. Also pay attention to the steer tube tapered on not tapered. And your axle standard. If it's a standard quick release thing might get difficult. But a non boost 15x100 are easier. And if you relace your wheel with a different hub you can use the 15x110 axle. The stiffness of the fork swill really matter when you go faster or decide to hit some jumps. That's my opinion anyway

Posted: Jul 5, 2020 at 15:16 Quote
Looking at the specs on the website. It says it comes with a 120mm fork. I would be looking in the 140mm for sure. Other areas of improvement seem to be a more adjustable rear shock better wheels and brakes. Just keep in mind the tougher parts will add grams. But if you are going from a commuter to a bike park on the same bike then there are always some areas of compromise.

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