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New ZEB Issues
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Posted: Jun 23, 2021 at 2:04 Quote
bmxconan wrote:
austin-moses wrote:
Petiloi wrote:
I have the ultimate and both the low and high speed compression dampening circuits work perfectly. Might be best to speak to your LBS or site it was purchased from.

Is there any way for you to confirm what you mean by "work perfectly"? I'm just curious because my last Fox 36 Grip 1 damper with the compression cranked all the way down pretty much locked out the fork (heck, halfway down it was almost locked) and I can feel no discernible difference in both the high speed and low speed compression on my Zeb. I'm curious if the damper is no good from the factory and I need to reach out to have it fixed or if 10 clicks of compression on rockshox = 1 click on Fox.

I'm trying to get to the bottom of why my fork (Zeb ultimate 160mm) is a bit shit (compared to an ohllins rxf 36 coil). I'm having the following issues:

• Pressure is at least 5psi off for my weight (setup with 1 token): Actual pressure/weight/sag - 65psi/80kg/16% Recommended pressure/weight/sag 70psi/80kg/20%

• They are very fast, I have rebound set 2 or 3 clicks from the slowest (and it’s still semi-fast), Rockshox setting for my weight is 8 clicks from slowest.

• HSC damping has no or very little effect. I've ridden with it fully on and not noticed.

Recommended pressure being "off" is pretty standard in my experience with RS. That being said, I would't pay too much attention to static sag on the fork (within reason). Go with what gives you the best balance between support and sensibility/feedback on the trail. This may require a bit of testing. Personally, I've converted mine to coil to no have to faff around with spacers and pressures.

Rebound speed is probably subjective but you may want to consider having your fork reshimmed or going up in oil wt during the next service.

On the HSC issue I have nothing. Sorry.

I don't know of any good suspension tuners in IE but MST in Germany is top notch when it comes to RS tuning.

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