Rear Hub Compatibility?

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Rear Hub Compatibility?
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Posted: 2 days ago Quote
I am going to move my Shimano Deore 2x10 drivetrain to my son’s GT Aggressor Pro. I seem to have most of it figured out, but the world of rear hubs is perplexing to me.

The GT has a QR 135x9mm rear hub and is presently using a 3x7 drivetrain. I plan to keep using his existing 27.5 wheels. So, my question is: will the existing GT rear hub support the Deore 2x10, and assuming it doesn’t then what would you recommend I do? Price is a consideration, not wanting to invest a ton in GT’s limited platform, but I have funds to do it right.

Posted: 2 days ago Quote
Your Sons bike will have a standard Shimano spline freehub and cassette fitted now.

A standard Shimano spline freehub will be compatible with most brands of 7 to 11 speed cassettes and definitely compatible with ANY other Shimano cassette that has between 7 to 11 speeds.

The 10 speed cassette will fit onto your Sons rear wheel and any difference in 135x9 or other dropout standards is irrelevant in this situation.

Will be a straight cassette swap with no extra expense to consider.

Posted: 2 days ago Quote
Thank you! I doubke-checked the GT specs and learned it’s a CSG KP413 freehub body, which I believe is a Cannondale body. Also, his bike is a 3x8 speed.

Will I need any spacers going from an 8 cog cassette to 10 cassette?

Posted: 2 days ago Quote
Your welcome sjbene. Wink You shouldn't need a spacer if going from a 7 or 8 speed to 10 speed cassette.

The only reason you would need a spacer is if the freehub is road bike width as road cassettes/freehubs are slightly wider than MTB cassettes/freehubs.

If by some small chance the CSG KP413 freehub is road width and the cassette is loose when lockring is fully tightened then a 1.85mm spacer is all that would be required to make it work.

These 1.85mm freehub spacers are widely available and cost around £/$ 2.00 but quite sure this will not be the case although not impossible.

Posted: 1 days ago Quote
Reaper, my bike is a 2015 Santa Cruz Bronson and I’m upgrading to a 1x12, probably Shimano SLX. I’m gonna have to get a new rear hub, right? Going from 10 to 12.

Any recommendations? I heard Hope hubs are good but also thinking of just going with Shimano. Are you a soccer fan?

Posted: 23 hours ago Quote
Hi sjbene. It may be possible depending on what rear hub you have that the freehub could be replaceable with a compatible Shimano Microspline for the SLX 12 speed cassette? I wouldn't be able to confirm but this is something you should be able to find out about if you do a little research.

You could also consider a Shimano 1x11 drivetrain which would mean you wouldn't have to change anything as an 11 speed cassette will work with you current rear hub.

I can say for sure the Hope hubs are fully compatible with all dropout standards and freehub types including the Microspline freehub you would need for 12 speed.

I am a big fan of Hope wheels and use a Fortus 30 wheelset with Pro 4 hubs and believe they are amongst the best hubs/wheels you could choose and worth every penny.

Shimano hubs are good quality but I prefer hubs that use cartridge bearings as opposed to the cup and cone bearing system that Shimano hubs use.

If you're looking for a value for money, solid and durable hub/wheel Hope's would be a great choice. Mine have been flawless and the best upgrade I ever made to my hardtail.

Not really into soccer, motorsports is more my thing Pal. Smile

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