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Posted: 2 days ago Quote
Hi guys,

First time here, and sort of a novice

I was looking at the ragley hardtails and nukeproof scout, but saw the other day that commencal had one too that was actually in stock:

All looked good, except in some video reviews I heard that SX eagle derrailleur was plastic. The last thing I wanted to do was downgrade from the shimano XT i already have. Apparently this thing snaps off on any somewhat challenging trail. I have some options: Buy the next bike up which is a considerable amount more and has NX eagle (which apparently isn't even that good according to some forums), cave in and buy a $4k AUD Dual Sus from the local Giant store, or upgrade the derrailleur. As far as upgrading goes, I don't have THAT much experience with bike repair, but I have friends that know a lot that could help me. If I was to upgrade I could just put on a GX eagle derrailleur apparently, as it already has an NX eagle chain which should do the job, however apparently the hubs would mean I have to get a new wheel according to a post i saw. In a video I watched ( ) this guy said he would recommend swapping the derrailleur for a Shimano SLX?? I wasn't too sure if would even be compatible? It would be nice though, as I can get the derrailleur here: (it costs considerably less than the GX eagle derrailleur and is better apparently?). I would preferably not want to upgrade any other parts, just because I'm a novice. I just wanted to know whether the SLX or GX derrailleur would work with the parts already on the bike, or if I should get something else. Thanks in advance Smile

Posted: 23 hours ago Quote
Almost all bikes under $2,500 come with SX derrailleurs. Reading forum posts and watching YouTube videos will drive you crazy. Not everyone has or needs a $5,000 bike that the web guys try to make you think is the bare minimum. Buy the bike and ride the wheels off it. If the derailleur breaks, which I doubt it will, replace it.

P.S - my bike has an SX rear derailleur.

Posted: 15 hours ago Quote
SX and NX are pretty low on the totem pole in regards to quality. If your current bike has XT, but is 5,7,10 years old then the SX or NX will not be a downgrade. If your current bike is running m8000 which is last gen XT 11sp then SX or NX are going to be a significant downgrade.

Shimano just release their Deore 12 speed, which is similar in price to NX but leagues better in quality and performance. If you can find an OEM bike running Deore 12sp that’s your best bet in that budget range.
If you are just a casual rider, SX or NX might be just fine, you just need to come to terms with what you need or what you want.

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