Giving up on OneUp EDC Stem

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Giving up on OneUp EDC Stem
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Posted: Aug 8, 2020 at 12:27 Quote
Long story short, bought the OneUp EDC Tool + Pump a month or so ago, but couldn't mount the pump on my bike (YT Jeffsy) and still get the water bottle on the bike, so I passed the pump on and got the EDC stem and preload from OneUp so I could at least take the tool.

It's a very cool concept, but today I went and had a star nut put back in the steerer... and am much happier. I just could not get the thing to stay tight for even an entire ride, and the headset would start rattling/clunking.

It's kind of a bear to get tight enough to begin with since it involves having to put a large amount of force onto the stem *while* you align the bars and before you have anything even slightly tight so you can get the play out of the system and push the collar down tightly into the stem - fail to do that and you can't get enough movement out of the preload to get rid of the play... manage to do all that and lock down both the preload and the locking nut and it still seems to rattle loose.

Kind of a bummer since it really is a cool concept and the tool itself is great, but I've ended up riding with a hip pack anyway, so I can throw a multi tool in there and not have to worry about a thing.

Just my 2c - mileage my vary!

The stem itself, just as a stem, is nice, light, looks cool... I also put a set of the OneUp carbon bars with more flex on there, and I straight up love those - highly recommended!

Posted: Sep 2, 2020 at 1:42 Quote
Same problem here! Actually went a couple months problem free and then started having issues. Stripped the lock nut while tightening on the trail and oneup sent me a new preloader kit. Still having the same issues. Never focused too hard before on making sure the headset was as tight as I could get it before preloading but this time I’ve gone as far as installing the headset with the bike upside down to get maximum tightness... still no luck.

I can see why none of the pros run the preloader kit. I really like the tool so, Threaded steerer here I come.

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