Intense primer 29 and sniper t vs: pivot, yeti, transition, giant, yt, fezzari, canyon... for MIDATLANTIC! No pedal destroyers!

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Intense primer 29 and sniper t vs: pivot, yeti, transition, giant, yt, fezzari, canyon... for MIDATLANTIC! No pedal destroyers!
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Posted: Oct 4, 2020 at 16:28 Quote
Any of you able to ride and compare the other 12x-14x travel, brands/bikes to INTENSE?
Looking for a great all around MIDATLANTIC, totally different environment of riding.

All the videos and reviews, and comparisons, are in the west and or at ski resorts. I live in the Northern Virginia area. I need a bike for the Tight single track and switch backs, along with the multiple types of terrain and soil we have in this region. I do not I do not Want a bike that is a pedal and Crank set destroyer!!!!
A bike that performs well at: sprints, Climbs, descents, flat areas, roots, ruts, really rocky, loose soil, loose on hard, mud, sand, loam...

Will the new Geometry of the LOW, long and slack, be harder on the knees since I assume the knee will be more in front of the pedal spindle vs traditional? Is the Intense geometry a little behind, in reality? Is this good or bad for a pedal everywhere bike? Not just descending!

I do not want to get beat up or jack hammered, but I don’t want a wet noodle.
I am 6 foot 1 inch tall and 165 pounds naked.

A bike and manufacture I can count on In the backcountry, and to have to have quality support post sale!!!
Thank you!

Posted: Jan 10, 2021 at 13:51 Quote
i have a SC 5010 as my primary bike and im 5’8”. i came off a 29r and i love that bike. i ride Md and PA trails alot where its ricky and do get alot of pedal strikes

i recently got a Primer 275. seemed like a bad ass bike but when i got it i decided to send it back and get the 29 version. figured there is no sense in having two 27.5. the primer 29 i feel will be almething i can take in the chunk and spend quite a few hrs on riding regardless of the terrain

Posted: Jan 11, 2021 at 17:56 Quote
Intense frames crack often. They can be slow processing warranty claims even before covid. I suggest that you spend your hard earned cash elsewhere.

Posted: Jan 11, 2021 at 21:18 Quote
Can you elaborate on that claim?

Not disagreeing, or trying to start anything.... just worried about my frame now.

Posted: 3 days ago Quote
I have been riding on intense frames for 6 years. In that time I had:
2014 Intense Carbine
4 delaminated g2 dropouts (axle hanger)
2016 Intense Tracer
3 catastrophic rear triangle lower mout fractures. The frame nearly split in half.
3 delaminated lower front triangle pivot tubes.

For a total of 10 broken bikes. Not one has ever lasted 12 months. I am not racing, crashing, or intentionally braking frames. However, I demand alot from the bike. I am built like a running back at 6"-0" 210lbs.

The photo is 42 months of my 72 month history with intense

Posted: 14 hours ago Quote
Well you have 20lbs on me at 6'2. I haven't had one of their carbon frames before getting a deal on a 18 carbine.

Maybe I should have put up for a Santacruz or a pivot

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