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Scott Ransom issues
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Posted: Nov 16, 2020 at 21:03 Quote
I’m interested in getting a 2021 Ransom 920. Been searching everywhere online, and came across a few issues with the 2019 / 2020 ransoms. It sounds like a lot of people (on mtbr) were having issues with the frame.

One issue was the trunnion mount bolts were bottoming in the shock not allowing them to be torqued up, resulting in vertical play (Scott’s supplied shims to fix this, I’m assuming this is rectified on newer models).

Another has been there are IGUS bushings that sit in the frames lower shock mount and get worn out regularly. They are proprietary and need to be ordered in as part of a kit from Scott.

Another issue seems to be that the shock is free to move laterally 1-2mm and this is part of the design?

My other concern is the twin loc, I hate the birds nest of cables, but it sounds like it is complicated to remove this system and it can potentially stuff the forks up if you remove it?

If any owners of a 2019/2020 ransom have experience with these issues I keenly wait your response. Thanks Smile

Posted: Nov 18, 2020 at 13:05 Quote
Hi, maybe not most helpful advice from my side, but anyway I saw your post and only can give hint. I can´t honestly speak for alloy versions, but I own 2020 910 ransom. Actually bought it second hand from friend who I know rode it hard for half season in BP. I put good 500km on my in true enduro terrain with lot of DH trails and big jumps (I have no mercy with my bikes I like sideways landings, hard corners and Im not example of bike maintenance guy neigher :-)) but rearend and shock of the bike there is no even slight play anywhere - shock/shock mounts and bearings are super rock solid in linkage - and never been touched in 1500-2000km of riding. In comparison with shitty headset which was completely dead after few months :-). Im not advocate the bike, but just sayn - maybe it was some production lots issue - or if you come across ransom which have play in shock already just leave that concrete bike... p.s I weight around 170lb so relatively slim guy

Posted: Dec 26, 2020 at 16:01 Quote
I have a 9:30 Ransom a RockShox Nude I love it There's no playing it Anyway it's an aluminum one The only issue I have Your T25 Torx is not like a t-30 All of them It's worth the money though

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