Moving to North Carolina, need advice

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Moving to North Carolina, need advice
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Posted: Nov 17, 2020 at 22:21 Quote
Hey PBs!

I'm moving from Oregon to Raleigh, NC this winter. I ride pump track, DJ, free-ride mountain, and pretty much anything else! I currently build trails with two local Oregon IMBA MTB chapters and donate money to the local pump track (city ran). Hoping to explore everything NC has to offer. It looks like there is a good scene on the west side of the state, hoping to know if there are public pump tracks/DJ near Raleigh too? I would love to get involved with another trail building chapter.

Also, I need some bike advice. My MTB sled is burly enduro bike (Transition Patrol with a coil shox). Is this too big for NC? I say this in all kind respects, I bought it for park riding and bigger features, but I think it might be overkill for a weekend rider and what looks like more tech single track. Should I sell it in Oregon and buy a trail bike?


Posted: Nov 24, 2020 at 13:02 Quote
Welcome to NC! the western part of the state has some great riding and have seen a good number of people even riding Patrols around here and it was on my short list to buy for myself for a while for Pisgah. If you are into DJ then the Riveter in Asheville would be great for you. There is also a new bike park called Ride Kanuga, and a few other parks outside of the National forests. Can't speak too much to around Raleigh for riding besides seeing some videos of places in Fayetteville but in the mountains here that Patrol would be a blast

Small edit: There is an IMBA chapter that from what I have heard is pretty big out that way so I know there is stuff around Raleigh

Posted: Nov 24, 2020 at 19:16 Quote
A Patrol is fine, I wouldn't bother with going down to less travel seeing how the western part of the state has some pretty gnarly trails and even some bike parks. As for trail building groups, I suggest the NW North Carolina Mountain Bike Alliance, group is some of the coolest people you will ever meet and they love their trails and working on them. I suggest checking out trails in the wilsons creek area, wont be as far of a drive for you like all the way up the mountains but still has some really good riding.

Posted: 2 days ago Quote
Heyo! I just moved to the state myself, living in the triangle. The local chapter is called Triangle Off-road Cycling (TORC) and they have super frequent trail days- you can find them on

I’d keep the patrol around for western riding- worth it if you get out there more than a couple times a year, and would be chill for dinkin around a couple of the local spots. I just picked up a Jeffsy Pro Race that’s a little overkill but pedals well and will be Pisgah capable. is your grail for the local trails- has directions, descriptions, and conditions for everything in the area. Lots of XC oriented stuff around here with pretty frequent up down up down. Things get kinda rocky north of Raleigh as well, so there’s some cool rock garden stuff at places like new light and briar chapel.

Moving here is an opportunity to build up some cheap dumb hardtail to keep things interesting. I have a transition trans am that I run single speed or geared and take to chiller trails. Super fun. Hmu if you want someone to ride with!

Posted: 23 hours ago Quote
My username shows where I'm at. I have a Canyon Spectral

There's a few good local spots (Crabtree, Briar Chapel, New Light) but a lot of the fun stuff is 2-4hrs away. (Rocky Knob Beech, and Sugar in Boone - 2.5hrs. Kanuga Bike park, Dupont and others in Asheville - 4hrs) Beech and Sugar are lift access.

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