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wheel truing hekp
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Posted: Nov 27, 2020 at 4:54 Quote
Need some advise on truing my front mtb wheel and what i should do? The wheel is not far of being true, i have used the park tm 1 tool and i noticed the side with the brake disk rotors has more tension and its average is 21, with only a few spokes on that side got a 22 reading , The other side drive side is very mixed ranging from 14 - 15 -16 - 17 i think the average would be 15 . I cant tell what wheel this is but it has a hope pro hub the rim looks like a stans no tube mtb rim and the only thing i can see is a code NT1404564 there is nothing else .

who ever build this wheel wanted the side the the disk rotor to have higher tension i don't know if this is correct , .

Posted: Dec 3, 2020 at 5:52 Quote
First off - the front disc side has more tension as well as the rear cassette side has more tension.

If you are running double butted spokes 2-1.8-2, and your TM1 is not totaly off in calibration the "22" reading would be around 120kgf which is super on the tight side of your wheel. It would say 117kgf on the ParkTool chart but again that's up to the calibration of the TM1.

I would get as close as possible to the 22/22,5 reading on the TM1 on the disc side on all disc side spokes(FRONT WHEEL), and then the non-disc side spokes will have whatever chart reading they get as long as the hub is dished correctly (centered in the rim). Equal spoketension on the disc side and equal tension on the non-disc side, centered hub is what you should aim for - and not going for a 100% straight wheel.

Dont go beyond 22,5 on the TM1.

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