More right wing domestic attacks on the US government seem likely

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More right wing domestic attacks on the US government seem likely
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Posted: Jan 9, 2021 at 18:12 Quote
The insurrection at the US Capital building inspired by Donald Trump will likely not be the end of the radicalized right wing movement that delusionally thinks the election was stolen from Trump.

When you have tens of thousands of people like this that still think the election was stolen, and they all embrace conspiracy theories that Trump has gotten them to believe, it's dangerous for a democracy as we saw in the attack on the capital. Add to this that many of Trumps supporters are heavily armed gun lovers with seem to see themselves as revolutionaries to protect their culture or country. For many of them, they are even more convinced now that Trump was robbed because they have doubled down on their conspiracy and Trump hasn't really backed down either. They are delusionally blaming Antifa or some other mysterious figures for the attack, and many of them view Trumps twitter ban as just another effort by the evil "big tech" to silence their movement and reinforces the conspiracy. Imagine the tens of thousands of Trump supporters who are addicted to checking in on his tweets several times a day. Now that he can't communicate with his following, many of his supporters will feel cut off and isolated, and even more frustrated. Nevermind that Trump could simply hold a press conference any day he wants to reach millions of people, it's all conspiracy all the time with Trump supporters still in denial these days. The fact that Trump was able to motivate many of his followers to actually want to murder his VP Mike Pence the other day shows you the power of his deceptions and that he isn't afraid to put the absolute worst idea in his followers head.

I hope there are no further attacks, but that doesn't seem likely to me when you consider that much of right wing media is still continuing to give Trump varying degrees of cover despite the fact that he is now political poison. We have already heard of plans for another attack in DC on the 17th, which is what got Trump banned from Twitter. The anger and rage of Trump supporters can no longer be passively viewed. Many of them are convinced that they are the last stand between America and a socialist country that will repress them. Many of them still believe the completely absurd Qanon conspiracies which are still thriving in some online circles.

Hard to predict what they might do next, but I would not be surprised if they attempted to assassinate politicians they hate, attempt some type of attack on a major liberal city, or something even crazier. Captain Chaos Trump has radicalized his movement to the point that he has essentially established a new type of domestic divide where right-wing domestic terrorism is the strange battlefield of the new Civil War he has brought us.

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