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Posted: Jan 18, 2021 at 10:25 Quote
Hello All,

I was hoping to get some professional opinions and maybe some advice from seasoned veterans regarding bike storage

I am on the board of directors for our Condominium and have been tasked with coming up with a bike storage solution.

We are located on Big White Ski Resort. The ownership (owners) has decided they do not want bikes stored inside units or brought throughout the building and have passed strata laws to fine those in violation of this with $200/per incident

We are looking for long term secured storage options for renters and owners. We have the ability to use a large locked concrete surround room, as well as the potential to store bikes in the assigned parking spots. I understand that both have their risks, but I was hoping to come up with some ideas to present to the board.

Since I am located at Big White, I don't get around to many different mountains to see what they have on offer, nor do I rent units very often off the hill, so my exposure to the whole scene is rather limited.

I understand that a large locked room presents many opportunities for theft, but we also do not have many options as the fire codes change yearly and we may be asked to remove in-parking stall mounts in the future for they could be deemed a "fire hazard".

Our building is fairly well secured. We can add video-cameras or any other forms of security to aid in the prevention of theft.

Would you store your bike in a communal-storage (even with your own locks on top of the security provided)?
Would you store your bike in a parking stall located mount? - These seem to only have the typical chain/lock for the frame only.
Are there any storage locker type boxes you have seen that have been "above and beyond" or ideal for a secure storage?

Any opinions or products you have seen being used that you think were good? I have done the obvious google search and found products but that doesn't help us assess their quality or usability. Not one brand seems to be used by major mountains, and even the mountain here has fabricated their own temporary storage racks for use outside bars/shopping etc.

Any help is appreciated.

Posted: Jan 20, 2021 at 9:58 Quote
"Would you store your bike in a communal-storage (even with your own locks on top of the security provided)?"

Absolutely not. I want my bikes as close to my ear and eyes as possible.
All my bikes are kept in my front room with an added partition wall,
this helps keep them out of site and provides extra options for rackng and locking,
not fail safe but my responsibility.

I would not trust them in an outbuilding in my back garden.

Who would pay for there loss if stolen ? since when are cameras a deterrent,
Ive known other tenents rob better bikes than theres and steal parts, wheels, forks etc
when using communal bike storage areas,
folk round here steal your damn wheely bins, swap em when theres
are all pishee or broken.

Who would pay the extra running costs for such storage and investment ?

Are these residents in there bought and payed for homes or rented homes ?
or are they temp holiday accomodation like hotels and the like ?

If this is forcing folk to keep there bikes out of there home and into a storage
of your choosing, I would not trust that or tolerate that, infact I would move.

If its like hotel accomodation I would find somewhere that would allow me to keep it
in my room, cleaned, dried prior and rest on a waterproof poncho, any grime damage to room
at my expense, otherwise if theres is no agreeable way then would not take a bike.

If such security measures offered live feed video of my bike or area, alarm sytem,
individual bike locker box, insurance for loss damage, then perhaps I could be convinced.

Posted: Jan 20, 2021 at 10:42 Quote
Personally when we are looking for places to stay we always look for accommodations that allow bikes in the room (or that don't specify that they aren't allowed in the room). With a 4 person crew there is easily $20k worth of bikes and it's worth the piece of mind of keeping them in sight. Alternatively we have stayed in several hotels that have a bike valet system. This works just like a coat check system and only the hotel staff have access to the storage room. Perhaps you could connect with the ski hill staff to see if they could offer you a similar service for your renters?

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