Am I getting a good deal or bad deal???

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Am I getting a good deal or bad deal???
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Posted: Jan 21, 2021 at 21:20 Quote
My Friend bought a stump jumper comp for two grand it’s a 2018 but he has a regular stump jumper with the rock shocks so he wants to switch out the rock shocks for the fox shocks and then sell me the stump jumper comp with the rock shock suspension for 1800 is this a good deal?

Posted: Jan 21, 2021 at 21:58 Quote
No big deal, just curious, but assuming by this price range you're talking about alloy frames is that right?

It would help to know which model forks the are. Assuming as well here that these are fully functional undamaged forks, you MAY even like the Rockshox better. I can think of one example where someone I was recently talking to that wasn't pleased going from his SantaCruz Rockshox set-up to his new FOX36's, Grip2, could NOT get 'em dialed in to where they responded as well as his Rockshox. A stumpjumper w/either of these is a great bike. I just got a Stump Expert carbon w/a Pike, and this riding season may convince me NOT to get that FOX36 Factory I was planning on putting on that bike.

Loving Stumpjumpers, so far sounds like a GOOD deal to me! Call me k00kY but I think Specialized frame designs make almost any components feel better than they do on a lot of other frames. That's just me though...


Posted: Jan 21, 2021 at 22:14 Quote
$1800 for a 2018 alloy seems a bit steep. Have you checked

Posted: Jan 22, 2021 at 6:25 Quote
It is an alloy frame and the front forks are the fox 34 rhythm and the fox float dps vs RockShox 35 Silver, Solo Air, 44mm offset, rebound adjust, TurnKey lockout, 15x110mm Boost™ Maxle® Lite thru-axle, 140mm of travel.

Posted: Jan 22, 2021 at 19:20 Quote
So far everything looks real good to be within that price range, I believe.

I'm assuming the bike is in excellent shape? No components need replacing, drive chain still good, kept up well, good seals, no frame damage, cracks, check the welds, etc?

If he's a friend of yours and you TRUST the bike's A-OK, hey I'd try to talk him down to 15 and maybe you got yourself a great deal? But... don't take too much advice from sTraNeGerrZ on a web forum, make the decision yourself. 1500 ain't pocket change, but If I was at your budget and MY friend was selling that--hey I told you I love Stumpjumpers.

You ride that for a season and think maybe you want to mod the forks, I've seen GREAT deals on BARELY used Rockshox Pikes, Lyrics, right here on PB.
That's what's nice about those bikes, if you stay w/an alloy frame those stumpy's take well to upgrading the components.

Thing is, with the industry taking such a huge git since last season, I'd probably rather get a decent bike off a friend right now KNOWING supply is limited. Specialized telling ME I have to wait for a "2022"!! if I want a new EVO Expert!


Posted: Jan 23, 2021 at 9:12 Quote
I would try to get it for like $1200-$1500. I'll sell you a carbon Intense tracer with pike rct, hope brakes, one up dropper and stand wheels for $2200

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