Canyon Torque Front Fork 180 to 170mm?

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Canyon Torque Front Fork 180 to 170mm?
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Posted: Feb 14, 2021 at 1:48 Quote
I just ordered a canyon Torque with the 180mm Zeb Select+ and wondering if it would cause issues if I went down to a 170mm fox 36. There's a couple reasons being that the 36 was tuned for my weight as a coil/damper conversion and for weight savings. Can anyone speak to issues this would cause? I'll definitely try the bike in it's stock config but if possible I'd want to sell the Zeb to recoup some of the cost

Posted: Feb 14, 2021 at 7:45 Quote
I'd try the ZEB first, you will be surprised how supple it is, and also stiffer than the 36. You may need to do a lower leg and maybe wiper seal service soon as you get it though to make it feel its best. I loved my Smashpot 36 but no way is it lighter than the ZEB, those coil converted Lyriks and 36 are heavier than a ZEB or 38. I still think your coil fork will have the edge, but all I'm saying is I think the ZEB will surprise you for an air fork. Give em both a try and report back which one you preferred. Coil fork / conversions used to be literally night and day better, even only a few years ago..but air springs are getting very good these days and the difference although still there is nowhere near as obvious.

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