Questions about seeing the progress and badges

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Questions about seeing the progress and badges
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Posted: Mar 15, 2021 at 18:38 Quote
I’m wondering how to see my progress for trails towards completionist 2021. Also I’m confused about badges that can be awarded multiple times, as I rode Farlow Gap out and back thinking I’d get the Farlow badge twice because I rode the trail completely twice. Is it directional?
Thanks for any input.

Posted: Mar 16, 2021 at 5:58 Quote
My experience with the badges in TF are kind of hit or miss. The feature isn't well supported, they can be very finicky and sometimes they are broken and require Admin to help fix. In the end it really isn't worth the effort because, well, it's a virtual trophy.
Anyhow - if you want to see progress on your badges go to the TF site (don't use your mobile device). On the menu selections across the top of the screen hover over "Ride Log" and scroll down to click on "Badges". That will bring up your "Nearby Badges", "Global Badges" and finally "My Badges Awarded".
Click on "My Badges Awarded" and you'll be taken to another screen that will show "Awarded Badges" on the left side and "Badge Progress" on the right side. There you can click on any badge that TF is tracking your progress. If it is a Completionist badge then click on it and it will show another page that will list the trails that must be ridden. The trails with a green circle check mark are the ones that TF says you've ridden.
As for whether or not TF gives you 'credit' for riding a trail - that's the tough part. You have to ride a trail all the way through specificially as it is marked on TF. Some require very close attention to the actual GPS track - not the actual trail. Some require you to ride through the start point and end point. You can't deviate from the GPS track much at all. Usually you will get credit if you ride in reverse. Sometimes you think you rode the trail perfectly, but your device GPS wandered off trail. Sometimes you rode the trail perfectly, but the trail isn't plotted correctly on TF. Sometimes the start or end points are in the middle of a busy street or off the edge of a cliff so they can't be ridden. If the trail is impossible to ride because it isn't plotted on TF correctly then you have the option to edit the trail and ride it again.
I've gotten myself worked up over TF badges and finally given up - too much stress over such a little thing.
Good luck.

Posted: Mar 16, 2021 at 15:57 Quote
Right on thanks for the reply. I’m not too caught up in it so no stress I just saw the badges and was like “ohh that’s a fun little goal” I don’t really need the badge.

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