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Posted: Mar 29, 2021 at 8:27 Quote
I received this last week. The fit and finish are spot on. I'm very pleased with the product and I will post more after I get some more rides on it.[PI=][/PI]

Posted: Jun 9, 2021 at 7:54 Quote
After two months of riding my Airborne Hobgoblin, I have no complaints.
Quick background, I started trail riding in ’94, east coast rocks and roots. Wrenching for almost as long and my ride for the last 12 years was a Santa Cruz Superlight. I’m primarily XC, with a climbing focus.
I was immediately comfortable on the Hob’. I can’t tell you what makes the Hob’ better than other xc offerings, but it has better traction uphill than the Superlight. Could it be 29 inch wheels or newer geo’? Doubt it. Nice sticky tires, but everyone has those. I’m not sold on 29 being better, but the slack HT and the longer wheelbase are, at speed and don’t affect the ride went it gets tight and twisty. The front wheel is definitely harder to get off the ground, though.
I switched the NX shifter to a twist, mounted a Raceface seat and Thompson seatpost. The brake and shifting were great out of the box and continue to work well. Both wheels needed tightened and tensioned within a few rides, but that’s an issue on most wheelsets I’ve not built. Both Rockshoxs hold great pressure and keep me on the trail. All of the frame pivots are slop free. I thought lock-outs were dumb. They’re not, I use them both, to work on my spin on road sections. Maybe dropper posts aren’t dumb either.
I would, however, like to point out some small things. I’ve chipped paint off the down tube through lack of frame protection, Sugru has worked nicely since then. Because of the clutch derailleur, my chainstay is still perfect. Watch the heel rub though, on both driveside stays. The cable routing under the BB started to wear through the carbon within a few rides. Pulling longer loops out of the frame and wedging the cables in place has fixed this problem.
On the plus side, instead of hearing “Why are you still riding that?”, I now get “What is that? Never heard of them.”.
After two months of riding my Airborne Hobgoblin, I love it.

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