Garmin Basemap colors / USFS additions

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Garmin Basemap colors / USFS additions
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Posted: Apr 27, 2021 at 11:17 Quote
Hi all - just curious for those who download the basemaps from Trailforks directly - my maps all show the same color (yellow/tan). Should these be color coded like the ones baked into the newer Edge units based on difficulty? (I prefer to get them here directly as it gets updated more often).

Also - I'd been adding a lot of mtb trails manually for our state / national forests. I see that the website now has a 'layer' for forest service trails that allow bikes. Will these eventually make their way to the Garmin basemaps (including those provided by Garmin)? If so, I'm just trying to plan if I should remove the ones I had added so there aren't a bunch of duplicate lines (forest service provided, user created, as well as OpenStreetMaps).

Mod Plus
Posted: Apr 30, 2021 at 14:52 Quote
There are no plans atm to add the USFS to the Garmin maps.

Even if we did, that should not stop one from mapping these trails to Trailforks, because there are MANY other reasons to have a trail in the TF system than just the line on the map.

Mod Plus
Posted: Apr 30, 2021 at 15:02 Quote
The Garmin Basemap theme does not color the trails correctly on the units that come with Trailforks from Garmin. The colors show correctly on legacy units. This was a change made by Garmin. We may look into seeing if we can fix it in the future, but we generally rely on the integration with Garmin. They can provide better features than we can in our basemap, like trail highlighting.

The USFS layers are really meant to provide additional information. Often times the trail data in these layers is not very accurate and the trail data in Trailforks can provide a much better experience with regards to media, routing, and all the other tools and features in Trailforks.

Definitely keep the trail data in Trailforks, and I would suggest continuing to contribute trail data, descriptions, photos, comments, etc. This will provide the best experience for users. Again, these government layers are limited in their use, and should generally be used to verify things like official trail names, whether certain types of usage are officially legal (like moto), and other verification uses.

We have no plans to include any of the other layers into a Garmin Basemap.

Thanks for contributing!!!

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