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Tire Pressure - Manufacturers Recs
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Posted: May 10, 2021 at 4:41 Quote
New rider here who just purchased a full suspension bike with 29-inch tires, 2.4 front and 2.35 rear. I'm about 185 lbs, riding trails with a fair amount of roots, etc. I'm looking for tire pressure advice... The tire manufacturer recommends a range of 30-58 PSI for the rear tire and 25-50 on the front. I've gone to a bunch of tire pressure calculators online and most recommend a PSI below those recommendations. From general feedback online it looks like many riders run PSI well below those recommendations.

I'm worried that if I go below the manufacturer's recommendations I will get a flat, or damage my rims. At the same time, I'm wondering if there's a general acknowledgment that manufacturer's recommendations for this are overly conservative, and I'll be fine going below them. I definitely don't want to be sacrificing traction unnecessarily, but also don't want to be dealing with the cost of a punctured tire or damaged rims. Thanks in advance for those to take the time to share their advice on this!

Posted: May 11, 2021 at 12:51 Quote
The ratings on the casings are usually wildly far off. Flats and rim damage are always possible, but so are crashes if you have no traction. Maybe the absolute low end of those ranges could work, but no one in their right mind runs anything close to the upper end of those ranges. Furthermore, tubeless tires often blow off the rim if you go much above 40 psi (on that note, if you're not running tubeless, this is a good time to ditch your tubes).

Depending on your terrain, riding style, and how robust your casings are, you'll probably find the best balance of performance and rim protection with a front pressure of twenty to mid-twenties (psi) and a rear pressure roughly 20% higher.

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