Anyone actually changing seatstays/bikes often?

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Anyone actually changing seatstays/bikes often?
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Posted: Jun 9, 2021 at 10:31 Quote
I am considering purchasing a GG Smash and Gnarvana seatstays once GG gets their production back up and running. I am wondering how often people are actually changing out seat stays and components to convert their GG bikes. I think think the GG modular platform is a cool idea but not very realistic if you are having to swap out a complete fork, shock, wheels, etc. After doing some research it seems that going from a Smash to a Gnarvana would actually be pretty simple and reasonable for the occasional swap for an enduro race or bike park day. Swapping air springs on a Fox 38 to go from 150 to 170 is doable, not ideal since you have to drop the lowers but as long as you are careful and do not spill oil out of the lowers it shouldn't be too bad. Using a shock like the DVO Jade coil 230 x 65 would mean just removing a 5mm spring clip spacer when going from the Smash (230 x 60) to the Gnarvana (230 x 65 with no limiting spring clip).

Does anyone have any experience doing this? Or, if you are swapping seat stays are you swapping other components too?

Posted: Jul 12, 2021 at 9:12 Quote
I have been riding my bike as a Smash for the last year and a half, and I'm about to convert it to a Megatrail to try smaller wheels and longer travel. Personally, while I do enjoy working on my bike, it will not be a regular thing to switch back and forth. I could see maybe installing a mullet front end on occasion once I have it set up as the Megatrail, but even that will be rare (and only if I like the mullet setup, which I have not yet tried).

Still, I'm pretty excited to have a nearly-new bike (I'll also be installing a new drivetrain and rotors/pads at the same time, all due to wear) for much less than the cost of a new bike.

Posted: Sep 4, 2021 at 3:36 Quote
I will be switching often i think? I am a travel nurse and we live in a 34' 5th Wheel. Contracts are 13 or 26 weeks so we move often and could be anywhere in the US that we want to go. Because we live in the camper (N+1) is not an option for me. GG's modular platform was a big reason i went with them. I purchased my bike as a Trail Pistol but built it up with Stans Flow rims and more enduro geared parts. I converted it to a Pistola pretty soon after as it more suits my riding and i like it a lot. I also have the stuff coming for a Gnarvana so i can have a short travel bike for places like FL where i currently am and a big bike for when i am in places that Sedona or Bellingham.

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