1x crank making clicky noise in highest gear even at slow speed‍♂️

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1x crank making clicky noise in highest gear even at slow speed‍♂️
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Posted: Jun 15, 2021 at 0:21 Quote
I recently put together a new 1 x bike, all parts are new and SRAM RED AXS, now here is the weirdest thing.

If I shift to the highest gear, the crank seems to make random unpredictable clicky noise and it doesn’t matter how fast I ride or how much power I push, it’s not in any regular interval and it’s not a squeaky noise, more of a loud clunk noise a torque wrench make and I can feel the vibration from my feet.

If I’m using any other gear, at full force standing up hill the drive train makes no noise and is completely silent.

I also can’t reproduce the noise in a bike stand, so the noise is only there when I’m riding.

From the description above I believe the noise isn’t from the crank bearing, seat post or pedal. I’m thinking to mount a go pro camera at my rear derailleur spot and debug that way.

Posted: Jun 15, 2021 at 12:24 Quote
I have had a similar issue all season but i am on Shimano 12sp. Randomly during a ride, almost always after freewheeling and right as I put down a pedal stroke, there is a deep “PING”, which can be felt in my feet.
It feels like a build up of tension somewhere that just releases once you put down some torque.
Like you, cannot be replicated on a stand and mine is only happening maybe once every ride, so not all that concerning but still puzzling.

I have replaced most of my drive train this season due to failures and the ping is still there. I most recently started to hone in on my rear hub (I9 Hydra) and thought possibly one of pawls was slipping occasionally. I inspected and serviced the hub and didn’t see anything concerning.
Last couple weeks I started to think spokes, spoke tension etc. This really makes the most sense to me as it would really give that resonating feel through the bike when the tension pops. I put a dab of Triflow where my spokes cross on the rear wheel and then squeezed them together a few times and I haven’t had the pop return in a couple rides. I will also go back and apply a little Triflow to the J bends where they interface with the hubs just to be sure.

Maybe not the same issue, but something to check out and won’t take you but a minute to apply a little oil. If you happen to have straight pull spokes, I have heard this is pretty common that they become quite noisy.

Posted: Jun 20, 2021 at 20:01 Quote
Could be a sticking pawl in your free hub slipping then catching. Sound a lot like what y’all are describing. Had the same issue a while back, pulled the driver, cleaned and a light lube and the noise is gone.

Posted: Jun 22, 2021 at 9:06 Quote
Did you check the pedal? Recently had a similar issue and rebuilt the pedal which eliminated the click.

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