Oil leaking from rebound side of Pike lowers

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Oil leaking from rebound side of Pike lowers
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Posted: Jul 23, 2021 at 11:29 Quote
Hey, I'm hoping someone can help me figure out an issue with my 2018 Pike RCT3. I bought this fork secondhand and ever since I got it, it's had oil leakage from the rebound side bottom of the lowers. At first, thinking it was just an issue with the crush washers that were in there, I did a 50 hour service, replaced all the oil that had leaked out, and replaced crush washers. No luck, the issue was still there.

After asking around a bit, I heard that when replacing the oil during a service, if oil makes its way into the rebound shaft rather than the lowers themselves, it can leak out of the midde of the bolt on the rebound side. This made a lot of sense because I remembered replacing the oil and not making sure that the rebound shaft wasn't engaged to the bottom of the lowers, which meant the oil was probably going straight into there. So it was time for another lower leg service.

This time I made sure not to get the oil in the rebound shaft. I also took off the rebound adjuster after finishing the service so that if there was oil still hanging around inside the shaft, it could come out on its own. It seemed fine for about 3 days after servicing it. Then once again, a bunch of oil appeared on the bottom of the fork. At this point I was about ready to throw the fork in the dumpster and buy a new one (not really haha but I was really frustrated). However, this time oil did appear to be collected around the interface between fork and rebound adjuster (where the crush washer is). Whereas before it had mainly collected around the bottom of the rebound adjuster which to me would signal that the issue was, at least at some point, oil inside the rebound shaft.

So I'm guessing that the cause of the issue is an improper crush washer installation? Or could there be another issue that I don't know of? Finally, assuming the problem was the crush washer, how can I install it correctly next time to make sure this doesn't repeat itself?

Thanks so much guys!

Posted: Jul 24, 2021 at 10:13 Quote
Try a new crush washer and maybe crush washer retainer. Not sure if it was over tightened, they do smush pretty easily if over done.

Should be a simple fix, fingers crossed for you.

Posted: Jul 24, 2021 at 19:21 Quote
I realized I never even actually had a crush washer retainer installed, so just ordered some and maybe that will fix the problem haha. Looking at the service manual though, the diagram for my fork seems to show it doesn’t even use a retainer. Am I missing something and do all forks use them?

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